E-Cycles - like a new GPU, 2.7x and 2.80 final available

Note that the old denoiser also does a great job on animation. This is rendered in 12sec per frame on latest E-Cycles and a single 2080TI (1080p, lot of SSS, glass, DOF, etc.):

What preset did you use and what amount of samples?

For me it even takes 10 - 15 seconds to prepare the scene for each frame…

Yes, only the 2.79 version has the persistent data option, which is one of the best option for fly-through. It is scheduled for 2.8, but someone else started to work on it. So to avoid doing the job twice, I’m waiting to see if it will be finished or not and work on other optimizations and features.
I used 576spp iirc and there was no preset back then, but it something like the fast preset, so with very fast it could be reduced even further :slight_smile:
As many don’t believe E-Cycles can be faster then Eevee, I give a link of a video made by Boostclock.com:

Well I never used Eevee…and never will…
Leaves you with a blank screen for ages with not knowing what is happening (o;

Hmm…does 2.79 do some denoising on the fly? I don’t see the additional “initialising execution” at the end of each frame…

Nayway…I have to stick with the slow preset as faster presets gave me wrong lighting in the past…like the bathroom/beach scene…nevertheless it is still faster than the master branch (which took me 50 attempts to download RC1 today ;o)

I’ll do some more testing this weekend with your suggestions and the E-Cycles/DSR 16 combo…
just used DSR since version 14 before for just video editing…and now since Fusion Studio is included as well…even a better software package…

I assume denoise-wise there is no difference between 20190709 version and last Threadripper version?

PS: Even this mp4 in the link is unplayable with Quicktime player…seems some wrong settings with ffmpeg/avutils during encoding…even vlc on macOS complains…but plays…

Maybe as a side note…this render took 140 seconds on AMD threadripper with latest E-Cycles and 2 * 2080Ti @ 1920x1080, 300 samples, AI denoise set to 3, dunno if the same quality can be achieved much faster:

The AI denoising on the wooden surface looks rather unnatural…some patches just look flat and glossy…


Regarding the render you posted, this scene requires much more than 300spp, a fast preset (the tutorial shows how to keep equivalent lightning while making render faster) or an optimized lightning.
CPU + GPU rendering only works well for 1000+spp renders. At 300spp, your 2 2080Ti alone will be faster I guess.

The render from Boostclock has no denoising, because the fast and very fast settings are noise free at 100 samples most of the time, even in complex lightning situations.

Ah okay…thanks for the clarifications :slight_smile:

Have some time this weekend to play around with settings…anyway…a render time of around 1 minute per frame is satisfactory when doing animations…

BTW: Any news on a new dev branch release for threadripper? No hurry for macOS as my 1080Ti card is still on repair since over a month now…and I will probably move to Radeon VII for macOS due to NVidia drivers absence now and DSR doesn’t do AAC on Linux (o;

Doe I something wrong ?
When I mix cpu and gpu I get a gpu only and after finishing it starts a mixed render afterwards of the same frame.

Is this some config / installation issue ?

Hi, I use GPU/CPU render all the time, often GPU alone is faster by the way.
Add your system specs and E-Cycles version, please.
It would be nice if you upload a small example .blend for testing.

Cheers, mib

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E-Cycles 2.8 RC1 is available to download for Windows, Linux and Mac on the way :slight_smile:


Good morning Mathieu

You’re fast (o;

BTW: On which gumroad library is it? Don’t see it in the dev-branch 2019…

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E-Cycles 2.8 RC1 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It has all the features of Blender 2.80 plus:

  • up to 2.5x faster CUDA path tracing and baking
  • Quick quality presets to render with very high quality or even faster than Eevee. The following fly-through rendered in less than 20sec per frame at 1080p on a single 1080Ti)

This scene takes even less than 10 seconds per frame

  • AI denoising
  • Scrambling distance
  • Adaptive Sampling
  • Dithered Sobol
    and much more.

You can get it now on the Blendermarket or Gumroad.

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in your builds, there are always duplicated some internal plugins,
can you please remove it?



Maybe @bliblubli you should try this


I get tons of dupes too that I have to delete… oops, didn’t mean to reply to you…

damn and sorry. this is great. i thought it is an emissive plane.
and forgot the ‘bake’ discount
Hope you see some potential by further improving bake denoising and make it more batch accessable like e.g in BakeTool .

There is lots potential when you bake down for unreal and unity and it could give E-Cyles another nice use case.

Another question. Do you know if eevee s irradiance probes are calculated with cycles or are they calculated in eevee.
We are searching a way to export these too.

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I had a quick search of these topics, but didnt find anything of interest:

In Vray, there is a “2D Displacement Mode” (but only when using the CPU), which is very light on the RAM and renders pretty fast. In Cycles, using my RTX 2080 however, i can use displacement only very sparingly without crashing my scene. Does eCycles have any improvements in that direction?

Is there any plan on integrating biased caustics? As it stands now one has either to render it very slowly or turn it off, as far as I see it.

I have plans for something similar (fast “2D” Displacement), I just have to find time for it :slight_smile: For biased caustics, it’s not on my todo list yet. They render “fast” with path tracing (only 20% penalty in my test) but require huge amount of samples to look right due to Cycles nature. But with the AI denoiser, you can already spare a lot of samples.

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I’ll have a look to those duplicates asap.

@jachtarfranko @norka @AndreasResch @mag.py @KRUChY : fixed.