E-Cycles - one week left to get up 4x faster rendering + upcoming AI techs with 100€ off!

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Ok, but I am not sure what is the difference between 2.7x and 2.8x e-cycles.
Does 2.8x version have all features of 2.7x?
Can the example video be done (up to 15x speedup) with 2.8x version or it lacks Intel AI denoiser or other important feature?
Is 2.8x multi cuda gpu ready?

Discount is so small. Is it really 50%?

Yep, it works now, it is all EST time.

  • 2.79x has a bonus that allows to render fly-through or multiple views where only the camera moves in one go much faster by computing the preprocessing step only once per animation. It is also slightly faster, mainly because 2.79x is more lightweight than 2.8x. In the example with 15x speedup, the preprocessing takes 15sec (depend on the CPU, I did it on an old 4 core 8 thread intel CPU, a Ryzen or Threadripper will make that faster of course). As the path tracing takes only 22 seconds and the original version on master takes 5 minutes = 300s, it makes the overall speedup 300/(22+15) = 8.1x faster on 2.8x for overall render time. The Path tracing itself is still about 15x faster on 2.8x using new options.
  • 2.79x also has a noise compatibility option, which is mainly useful when you render on render farms to mix the frames, but it’s about 30% slower.
  • 2.8x has a beta with a support for fast AI denoising on multiple GPUs (it’s actually a fix of a bug/performance bottleneck introduced by animation denoising in master). It’s also in 2.79 standard builds.

So the sales started, you can get:

  • E-Cycles all 2019 updates with 50% off based on:
  • Make your own Blender with this coupon https://gum.co/ecycle/gumroadday. It applies on:
    • the standard version (compiling Blender, adding patches, managing branches, adding new modifiers, customizing Cycles UI, keeping up to date with latest master, starting in new areas of the code)
    • and the extended version (all of the standard version plus the ~2x speedup from E-Cycles and patches like dithered sobol, scrambling distance from Lukas Stockner or the new Intel AI denoiser patch from @skwerner. It also includes example builds)

What users say about E-Cycles:

Does it work with mining P-106 cards? yes:

Comparison with other denoiser:

Some selection about what students say about the course:

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Hi, I work on Linux and Windows on the same system.
Do I have to buy 2 licenses?

Cheers, mib

I separated the OSs to make it cleaner on the product page. You just buy one version and I’ll add the other one for free.

Edit: I added the april beta for windows to the Linux page. It will make it better for you to have only one product for all and 1 build more is still clean.

Cool, thank you.

Cheers, mib

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The April update beta is available for Mac and Windows for both 2.8x and 2.79x, Linux will follow.

  • it has a new option in the sampling panel, I’ll add more details later. A small bench: the classroom scene which had the smallest speedup can now render in 55sec on a 1080Ti, compared to 125sec on latest buildbots, so it’s 2,27x faster, including pre-processing time. Thanks to @TiborNyers_BC from boostclock.com for the very detailed benchmark and thorough testing.
  • It has new presets in the quick settings panel to easily get the most out of E-Cycles.
  • Plus all the improvements made to the AI denoiser over March
  • it also uses up to 4x less memory when using the AI denoiser.
    According docs and tutorial will follow soon.

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Goodmorning Mathieu, and thank you for being so present and professional. I think I will take advantage of the sales today and buy your product. I only have one question: I have a desktop PC (Windows), a laptop (Windows), and a MacBook Pro (running MacOS of course), in order to have e-cycles on every machine, do I have to buy your product twice (one copy for operating system) or 3 times (one for every machine)?

Buy one time, I just added a version with all OS in one page.

you are amazing, thank you (just bought it btw). :wink:

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I recommend to start with the Windows april version, even if it’s in beta, it has the new UI and presets, much easier to get started with. Will do a short updated tutorial asap.

I will! Looking forward for the tutorial then.

Question about Blender course

  1. will be updated until or after 2.8 official version released?
  2. will I be able to do same thing with E-cycle?
  3. Can I make an addon and combine it with other official or custom Blender release?
  4. Can I access to all functions of Blender?
  5. C++ programming can be easy really?

*Blender course - Make your own version

the coupons for 50% off today are here

  1. it will be updated for final 2.80, it is still updated everytime it is needed as you can see here
  2. All E-Cycles update until February are in. So you already have the new AI denoiser node in it. I may update with the latest E-Cycles improvements later, but it may take time. I’m first finishing the French and German version.
  3. You can indeed add the 2x speedup and the AI denoise node on top of the Mantaflow or Fracture modifier branch if you want. Python addons work all like in official Blender, so you can use any addons available plus your own.
  4. Yes, the course is based on the full release version of Blender.
  5. Yes, look at the comments from students. It was my primary focus to make it accessible to artists that want to stay artists. And I’m also available per Email and PM to help. See those testimonials:

more testimonials here

the E-Cycles coupons for 50% off today are here

Some of you asked for a video of a render session. Here it is. Real render time without screen recording and compression is around 8sec per frame with one GPU only. It uses the preprocessing option of 2.79x.

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wow thats blastlingy fast what the heck !
i have this scene the result for 2.8 e-cycles is no near even with two 2080ti compare to 1x 2080ti in the 2.79 build ???

the 2.79 render was finished before my pre-rendering was even finished … can we expect that this difference will drop to 0 ?