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Hi @bliblubli I’ve been trying out the optix build a 2080ti and it’s been great. However, I am getting similar render times to standard e-cycles using 2080ti + 1080 + ryzen3900x. Will the ability to use my 1080 and cpu as well as the 2080ti be part of the optix rendering eventually or will it only ever wort with the 2080ti?

Also when in optix build if I switch to CUDA I get an error to do with missing kernal 6.1, is this expected?

^ I just started wondering the same thing about OptiX version today (kinda coincidence), if I were to upgrade one of my three 980Ti to a 2080Ti or 2080 Super… So yeah BB, what happens with OptiX version when mixing RTX and GTX? Please don’t say they all have to be RTX. (crosses fingers)

quick settings menu is awesome :slight_smile:

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Optix does not support CPU + GPU yet according to this page:

“This does not support all features in the CUDA backend yet. Currently still missing are baking, branched path tracing, ambient occlusion and bevel nodes, using CPU memory, and combined CPU + GPU rendering.”

Sounds like they might add it in the future?

Yea that error is normal, you’ll need to use the normal E-Cycles build for CUDA rendering, the RTX build is mainly for Optix only.

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Thanks for that info, yes it does sound like they are going to have all those cycles features in optix. The optix rendering now is great in e-cycles but I do need those features sometimes, so it’s good to have the option for both.

I noticed.
E-Cycles’ AI Denoiser is not only more convenient than the normal version, but also details.
In this scene, the difference is obvious in the details of the canvas and the details inside the sofa armrest.

Focus on the inside of the sofa armrest and the canvas.


Blender 2.81 Alpha’ AI Denoiser
(The sofa armrests and canvas details are gone.)

E-Cycles’ AI Denoiser (Multi Pass)
(Clear denoising with good detail)


Hi, the Nvidia OptiX raytracer suppport:

Operating System Windows and Linux
(see release notes for specific version)
NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro and Tesla products with Maxwell and newer generation GPUs.

Recent NVIDIA Display Driver

Meant it should support even GTX 700 cards.
Iirc, Brecht (Cycles developer) mention to complete change Cycles kernels to OptiX at some point. Usually BF push unfinished features to Blender instead include working solutions like OIDN (Intel denoise) waiting 9 month in tracker.

Cheers, mib

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And the new black logo of E-Cycles looks great :slight_smile:


@norka too.
The hardware limitations can be solved and probably will. OptiX is indeed compatible with older generations.

On the other side, many of the features limitations are here to stay simply due to their nature. The way those work is not adapted for OptiX. Maybe someone will find some smart tricks later, but there is no sign for it yet. That’s why I recommend standard E-cycles if one need those all the time. If you need those only in some projects or bake AO for example, the standard version is included in the RTX dowloads to offer the best tool for each projects.

Thanks for the comparison. 5 months of polishing the OIDN integration make a difference indeed :slight_smile:
I have some updates for RTX in the works too :wink:


I remember you being a advocate for making things easier when you were comparing other render engines (like redshift etc)… I for one appreciate the quick settings a lot. I see nothing “unprofessional” with it.

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Mashing random set of render settings which were originally categorized into one, uncategorized rollout, and creating duplicate settings in the UI without any added functionality has nothing to do with ease of use or usability. But I do realize some people want some random settings at the top. That’s why I requested if it’s possible to get build without the UI modifications. I did not suggest removing it for others who already got used to it.

Is something wrong in 2.81 alpha denoising normal? That armrest look so different at high view angle

Hi Mathieu!
BF has finally resolved the issue! This error only related to Blender Kernel so you can safely and easily merge into your E-Cycle Blender. This is the commit which resolve the problem.


Since I launch Windows in very rare occasions, I didn’t have a chance to test RTX version so far. I gave it a try today.
Wow! I rendered just one interior scene, obviously expecting better performance, but the difference (including viewport rendering) was really huge.
Render time (regular E-Cycles vs E-Cycles RTX) dropped down from 5:33 to 2:22 on RTX2080TI.
I’m pre-ordering 2020 :slight_smile:


This is a test from the same setting.

In Blender’ OIDN, AI Denoiser removes that part.
Nvidia OptiX Denoiser also crushes that part too.

That’s why E-Cycles’ OIDN optimization is very interesting.

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Good evening (o;

Sorry if this has been maybe asked before as I didn’t follow this thread for a while due to testing the new Blender 2.80 Otoy release…

From the last email from Mathieu I understand that the new RTX 2020 version will be only available for Windows?

Or will it be supported on AMD/Intel Linux as well?

Well…forget macOS as Nvidia is supported with current releases…

Just asking as my current Otoy subscription runs out by December 6th…so not sure which version to extend for next year (o;

thansk in advance

Happy customer here :smiley:

just a minor bug report, the increment/decrement buttons in the dilate/erode node in the compositor are broken. they work fine on the official buildbot.

(i’m also the guy on twitter who asked for the option to pipeline the next BVH on the CPU so the GPU never has to sit idle. would be a nearly 2x speed increase in my case as the time spent rendering my current animation is about 50/50 split between pre-processing (when the GPU is idle) and rendering(when the CPU is almost idle))
(you asked me to be here instead of twitter so i added that here too :slight_smile: )


Good evening,
RTX builds for Linux are now also available :slight_smile:
Kind regards,


Hi Matthew,

thanks for the kind words and the report. Does it also happen in the latest 20191003 builds from yesterday? This part of the code is 100% like Blender, so if it works in buildbots now, it should also work in latest E-Cycles.
Actually, for bug reports and just like for official Blender, it’s better to open a ticket to ensure your report is seen and information is per item and is kept in one place. For E-Cycles, you can open a ticket by mail by answering any mail from Gumroad or by sending a message on the Blender Market.

Thanks for your Idea. While it may take time to implement, I’m currently working on making pre-processing faster and the BF too, so there should be good improvements coming soon. Current test builds already yeld 2 figures results in many scenes.