E-Cycles - one week left to get up 4x faster rendering + upcoming AI techs with 100€ off!

I’m using (for archviz also) a new laptop with a 1060 mobile and I got a nice speed boost from E-Cycles.

Maybe not double, but around 30% on average, it depends a lot in the scene and the quality settings you use, can go from a 10% boost for a perfect quality to a 75% sacrificing quality, understanding quality for physically correct lighting.

It also depends on how much you know about optimizing normal cycles render settings, if you where juicing all you could normal cycles (with AO bounces in the simplify panel, maybe branched pathtracing, tile size, optimal light bounces, using latest builds with the intel denoiser…) then you will squezze maybe an extra 10-20% over vanilla cycles. The good thing with E-Cycles is that even if you knew the drill of getting the most of cycles, it’s a lot easier/faster to setup with the e-cycles presets.

Thanks Botoni, thats already reassuring.
Wonder what Mathieu might add concerning my aged hardware…

PPG, if I were you, and I was wanting to not spend a bunch right now, I’d get a used 1080Ti (or two if you can swing it and your mobo supports two GPUs). You can get a 1080Ti on eBay for around $400 each. But if you are doing archviz, have a bunch of steady work, your time is valuable, and especially if you can find a clever way to pass the expense on to your clients, get a 2080Ti or 2080 Super. As long as it is not overkill (way more than you can actually use) the best gaming GPUs you can get your hands on often pay for themselves. That has been my experience. My three 980Ti hybrids are still doing the job pretty well (espeically with E-C), but I will certainly be getting either three 2080Ti or 2080 Supers before long.

As for E-Cycles, that paid for itself the very first day I used it, almost a year ago.

Edit: Actually, one 2080 Super would be smarter than two 1080Ti, as OptiX rendering gets better and better, if 8GB wasn’t an issue.

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New work using E-cycles :smiley:


30% sounds very low. And scene with AO simplify should still render much faster as the optimizations stack. If you could provide a file to reproduce, it would help a lot.

I will concentrate on performance in the coming weeks, so it’s a good time to provide scenes per mail for Gumroad/support on blender market if you want your use case to render fast.

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in your case I only recommend E-Cycles if you plan to use the extra features. E-cycles will make your 1060 faster, but your 2 xeons will be as fast as before. As your CPU rendering power is much higher I guess than your mid-range GPU, you will hardly see a difference in render speed out of the box.
But I have several users with AMD cards or using pure CPU rendering. You can get very good speed-up in this case using the presets and the AI denoiser addon. A tutorial is included to show how to heavily optimize a scene with a few clicks.

As @norka said, if your scene can fit in GPU memory, you can also just buy 3x 2080Ti or 2070 with E-Cycles RTX. Then it will be lightning fast. But actually a single 2080Ti with E-Cycles RTX already give this in 8 seconds for archviz:


I’m not sure if adaptive samples is working correctly or if I just don’t know how to use it… it seems that it drastically reduces sample counts even if minimum samples is the same as total samples. A better explanation of how this algorithm works would be nice :slight_smile:


Well, theoretically, if min samples = total samples, it should just work as if it was disabled. If it doesn’t it’s a bug and you are welcome to make a report through your platform with exact OS (like windows 10 1903 or Ubuntu 18.04.5), driver version, GPU model, file to reproduce. I’ll have a look to it asap.

For the explanation, it’s actually what the parameter says.

  • Min samples makes that no variance check nor stopping is done before this value is reached.
  • The threshold is a variance value under which the sampling is stopped. The smaller it is, the cleaner image you get. Still simplified (it in fact also look for neighboors, etc.), if the variance between the state “a” and “a + x samples” of a pixel is smaller than the threshold, the noise is considered low enough and the sampling stops for that pixel.

If you want even more details, @skw is the author of the original patch and he based his work on this papers I think: https://graphics.pixar.com/library/RendermanTog2018/paper.pdf and https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/8329/759ae51c924557f375707e4989549c6c1b46.pdf

Hey man I am getting this error on 2.81 when trying to create a denoise tree. This is a project that wasn’t made in this version of Blender.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\blender-2.81-ECycles\2.81\scripts\addons\AI_denoise_addon.py”, line 295, in execute
for node in bpy.context.scene.world.node_tree.nodes:
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘node_tree’

location: :-1

Also when opening an old project in 2.80 the quick settings UI is missing. The tab is there but it doesn’t show any options when you expand it.

thanks for the reports. Please send a mail by answering your Gumroad mails about E-Cylces or send a message on the Blender market. Bugs are much easier to follow when they get their own thread and you can then also send private files. I’ll then have a look to your issue asap :slight_smile:

New builds of E-Cycles are up for all platforms. E-Cycles RTX now has it’s normal performance back. The scene Interior 03 from Chocofur on a single 2080Ti renders in:

  • Blender Optix: 459 seconds
  • E-Cycles RTX: 231 seconds

If it’s stable enough this week-end, the price will be set back to normal on Monday. So you have a bit more than a day to double your render speed with 50% off!

What users say:

Tim 7 days ago

First class product and second to none in customer service. Mathieu could be used as a gold standard for others to follow. He does not get 5 stars consistently for nothing!

Vesper 9 days ago

WAS SKEPTICAL, Took the risk. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW. MAT you are a freaking beast with this. I don’t know why I never went to this before. I’ts worth every penny. Anyone reading this trust me when I say I don’t give in to hype, but this build is the REAL THING. I would rate you 10 STARS if I could MAT. Also for whoever is reading this the 99$ version gives you 2.8-2.81, in case you were wondering cause it ain’t written there.


New E-Cycles RTX Benchamrk

Latest E-Cycles RTX is 2.5x faster than Cycles Optix at 4K
There is a surprising performance improvement in this release and I’m very excited :slight_smile:

This is 4K resolution and 2 hours in CUDA !

Below is Chocofur Interior scene used in this benchmark :slight_smile: (Denoiser not used for the test)

Chocofur Store →


So all we are missing is Redshift’s Out of Core Rendering. :wink:

What is “out of core” rendering?

Redshift has the capability of “out of core” rendering which means that if a GPU runs out of memory (because of too many polygons or textures in the scene),
it will use the system’s memory instead. In some situations this can come at a performance cost so we typically recommend using GPUs with as much VRAM as you
can afford in order to minimize the performance impact. Certain types of data (like textures) actually work very well with out-of-core rendering.
This means that even if your scene uses tens of 4K or 8K textures (i.e. several GB worth of data), you can still expect great rendering performance!

I shared my email with you by PM.

So the monthly subscription won’t get the rtx build, right?

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Yeah, kind of confusing.

I will add a subscription for RTX next year probably. But I need good funding to work on RTX. Here the stats show it’s the only way to make the project viable.

Here is a more detailed test results of E-Cycles RTX 20191010 build

There was a surprising performance improvement in this latest E-Cycles release.
This will definitely help my high-resolution Archviz project :slight_smile:

Comparison of E-Cycles RTX and OptiX

Chart with CUDA added.

Chocofur Scenes used in this benchmark (same number)



I am running E-Cycles RTX on a single 2080 Ti and I am fascinated by the render speed. Literally, it has quadrupled render times compared to regular E-Cycles for me on the scenes I am currently working on. If anyone had doubts about it, don’t.

I am thinking of adding a second 2080 Ti and was wondering if anyone here is running two or even three 2080 Ti’s with the RTX version and if the render times did in fact increase proportionally… which would be close to lightning speeds. Anyone using such a setup?