E-Cycles - RTX version 50% off during beta (until 21th of September)

I actually wished to buy the “Blender Course - make your own version” and “E-Cycles 2.8x - Perpetual license with weekly updates until the end of 2019” both together - Any discount would be much appreciated.

Previously there was 50% off if taken with the course :stuck_out_tongue: was wondering if that applies now too :stuck_out_tongue: please help

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They don’t need new drivers or Vulkan support on Linux. NVIDIA will use its OptiX framework to access the RT Cores inside Turing. The recently released Arnold GPU runs on Linux as well - and uses OptiX.

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I didn’t knew that, then it may come sooner thant what I thought :slight_smile:

Howdy, @james_jackson ,

I really, really, for really real, recommend that you do your best to get in on @bliblubli Blender course.
It is fantastic and you’ll learn to do some pretty amazing things.

Check out his thread, through his course I was able to get initial support for Cycles rendering with cpu + nvida + amd graphics cards all at the same time. It is a seriously awesome course and you’ll be amazed at how easy @bliblubli made this course for non coders. I’m not a coder just a 2D traditional artist and this Blender course really opened up mass possibilities for me. He is awesome. :slight_smile:

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So E-Cycles is still just for Blender 2.79 at this point, right?.. There’s no Blender Beta 2.8 version of E-Cycles as of today, April 24, 2019, correct?

No, there are E-cycles 2.8x and E-cycles 2.7x. I purchased E-Cycles 2.8 and using that now.

For some reason I thought that was his version number, because I couldn’t find where he mentions Blender 2.8… Thanks so much for the info.

check it

E-Cycles 2.8x

E-Cycles 2.7x and 2.8x

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Hi, and no, it is 2.79 and 2.8.
The latest “Stable” builds are from 12.04.2019.
@bliblubli is on vacation for another 9 days and next updates follow as betas end of April and next stable in Mai.

Cheers, mib

How embarrassing. Yeah, really sorry for the confusion guys. I was thrown off by his use of the word official somewhere in his text and took that as meaning stable 2.79x…

Guys, I bought E-Cycles 2.8, downloaded the Apr 15, 2019 Adaptive Sampling version, fired it up, but I’m not seeing Quick Settings or AI Denoise in the Scene menus… just looks like regular Cycles stuff in there… What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Never mind. I downloaded the regular Apr 12 one and all is good. Not worried about how to make other work for now.

Hi, check Apr. 15 version if AI denoise addon is enabled.

Cheers, mib

Hi all, bought e-cycles and it is great!
I wish @bliblubli a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

I am looking for advice on this one scene.
Out of the box it has the same rendertime on master and ecycles.
Sometimes master is 2 sec faster. I am wondering what the special case is here. Surely I am missing something.
CUDA device is set to only use GPU.

Maybe somebody can take a look? Here is the file (36MB)
Textures are all resized to 25% to save space.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 1080
nvidia Driver Version: 418.56
ecycles version: E_cycles_2.8_v20190412_lin

if there is a lot of instancing it may be slower due to a bug that doesnt take memory instancing, i dont know if its fixed but for me it was a huge performance slower

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Guys, I’m finally getting around to test rendering some crap… I’m a little perplexed. For animations that render super fast (like 2.5 sec per frame), is it common for you guys to not have your GPUs hardly even warm up with E-Cycles or regular Cycles? I have three GTX 980Ti Hybrids and they are all topping out at around 39° Celsius while rendering… In Octane I am used to temps more like upper 50s under load during renders. So my thinking is that E-Cycles, while rendering my simple animation test damn fast, it could be waaaaay faster if only it were really using GPUs to a point where they are heating up some. Please advise.

Heat just means more work is being performed. Maybe Cycles isn’t working the graphics card as hard as Octane because it’s more efficient or doing less calculations. There’s any number of reasons why but it doesn’t necessarily mean it could be any faster.

Errr… I’ll have to load up a heavy scene with tons of geo, 4k PBR maps, and render a nice high-res image… I have a feeling they are not going to heat up much. It’s all good, E-Cycles is kinda getting me over a hump until Octane Blender 2.8 is ready… sadly, in a couple months…

EDIT: Temps after 15 minutes on highest settings with a 4k render cooking: GPU1 (display) 51°, GPU2 47°, GPU3 43°… so definitely warmer than my simple-ish animation test, but still not terribly warm. I’m not budging from my contention that if a GPU render engine is not creating a real nice fat chunk of heat, it is not pushing itself hard enough. I wanna heat this :pizza: on the top of my case…

Indeed. Instancing is broken in 2.8 and render preparation takes way longer than in 2.79. I hope this gets fixed soon.

its in high priority, it need to

that’s good to know. @BD3D, do you have a link to the issue on the bugtracker?