E-Cycles - sales coming on 4th of April and Mac 2.8 version available


(mathieu) #527

For the record, here are some times in seconds with master as of 02 feb., master as of today, and latest E-Cycles using a Vega 56:

Scene Master 2 feb Master today Latest e-cycles
Blenderman 490 478 415
Classroom 237 230 199
bmw 104 100 82
barcelona 506 490 450

(Grzesiek) #528

I’m guessing that is still without the latest OpenCL kernel compile optimizations?

(mathieu) #529

the “master today” and “latest E-Cycles” both have the latest optimizations. Anyway, the times are without compile time (not even BVH building, it’s pure path tracing time)

(mathieu) #530

What do you think of the speed at which the noise is cleared and quality of this viewport compared to Eevee?


The video capture software gives the impression it’s sluggish during navigation, but it’s actually very fluid.

(mathieu) #531

Here are 2 full screen 1920x1080 viewport renders under 4 seconds:

so under 4 seconds to get an acceptable noise level in full screen on a single 1080Ti, if you use viewport render in normal conditions (a small preview screen at about DVD resolution), it cleans in around a sec:

As you can see, it even works with glass and reflections.

PS: you can download the video with right click, the forum blurs it a lot, it’s better played with mpc-hc for example.

Videos are blurred
(Hadriscus) #532

Is this Cycles ? Are you highlighting a specific improvement ?


Huge difference. There is a great perspective here. I definitely want it.

(mathieu) #534

It is Cycles indeed and E-Cycles, the stills are full screen, so you have to click them to really compare. The goal is to make Cycles viewport as fast or even faster than Eevee. Eevee is fast at defaults, but is pretty slow when you push quality. So I modified Cycles to make it very fast. But I want to gather people’s opinion to know if the speed and quality is enough for them.

(Hadriscus) #535

Ok is this kind of a preset ? Or a deeper modification ? From your screenshots it looks clearly more noise-free.

(mathieu) #536

It uses the new sampling and features of E-Cycles smartly, the user just has to activate viewport render. Of course, more perf can be reached by tweaking the scene, but focus is to make it fast for professional, so out of the box, to spare human time.

(Hadriscus) #537

Ok for anyone else wondering, this is a custom Cycles build, see here :

Interesting to say the least !!

(DDB) #538

amazing work ! continue like this this is just mind blowing !

(Frank) #539

Wow, awesome stuff. Please put this in the course and anything/everything that improves render speeds. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

(Eric Klein) #540

One more vote to added to the course. What I like the most is that you have avoid doing the cycles pre-processing when rendering a new frame. The next step is to add the intel denoiser at the end of the viewport rendering like LuxCore render has done. Check this video. Luxcore render ODIN integration.

(FinalBarrage) #541

Merged threads.

(mathieu) #542

a test with DOF and the upcoming viewport enhancements in E-Cycles:

It’s done as usual with a single 1080Ti.

(Nekuine) #543

Amazing result here !
I amazed by the result of your work ! I just bought your product for a month to try out, the very 1st render I tried seemed to work well, but after this one i can’t achieve another render, I got the " Cuda error : Launch failed in cuCtxSynchronize(), line 1740" message. I am working on a 1070 maxQ design. Do you have any idea where it can come from ?
Thanks !


Will buy after that viewport enhancement is in, looking good! What you have here is looking a lot like Octane speeds. Does micropolygon displacement still work and all other general cycles features? Have you been able to make any improvements to compiling the scene? I have mega slowdown if say in a mil poly scene I try to create a cube, it takes so long to “update scene BVH” and “update lights” in my 2.8 cycles so curious if you also have solved that. Looks great!!!

(giacometti777) #545

Make sure you check the “Readme first windows” file on gumroad. I’m not sure thats causing the issue you are having but I wanted to be sure you saw it.

(mathieu) #546

Yes, indeed, it happens on some windows configuration, so I guess you are on windows? Their is a readme file explaining how to solve the bug called “Readme first windows”, it should be the first file at the top of the download page. Tell me if it solves your problem :slight_smile: