E-Cycles - sales coming on 4th of April and Mac 2.8 version available



I did not find an official support board, so I’m asking here. I bought the 2.8 monthly yesterday and it does not start, crashes with an error: “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.”

I’m using Windows 10 64 bit with a 1080 Ti and my GPU drivers are up to date. The official 2.8 beta works. Any ideas?

(mathieu) #648

The 2.7x version is stable and thus has several additions the 2.8x version will only get after 2.80 was released. The biggest feature is the one allowing to do the pre-processing only once per fly-through animation. When the actual path tracing takes 20seconds and the pre-processing (calculating BVH, synchronizing textures, etc. takes 40sec, your render time goes from 60sec on E-Cycles 2.8x to 20sec on E-Cycles 2.79x, it’s 3 x faster.
On top of that, 2.79 still has the most addons and it’s UI is much more lightweight, giving better rendering performance.

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Awesome :slight_smile:

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You can have direct support by answering your Gumroad Emails.
Regarding the crash, it looks really weird. I would try to re-download the archive and extract it with the latest 7-zip to ensure it is downloaded correctly. Did you use the latest version at the top of the download page?

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E-Cycles is featured on Evermotion.org


Many people say bad things about progressive rendering with Cycles. E-Cycles is the exception. Look these render times below.

BMW scene - RTX 2060:

E-Cycles - Final render (Progressive refine) - 1:10
2.79.7 - Final render (Progressive refine) - 7:19
2.79.7 - Final render (Tiled) - 2:16

It’s faster than with tiled rendering :slight_smile:

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What a good surprise :slight_smile:


Well, the only email I got from Gumroad is the one informing me about the subscription, from [email protected], should I really reply to this?

I checked, I have the latest 7zip and I tried both the lastest version (v20190308) and the I assume old one at the bottom, labeled 2.8_beta, with the same result.

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ok, I send you a PM for the emails.

(Yury Ziankouski) #656

Is there a 2.79 subscription avaliable?

(mathieu) #657

Only 2.8 has subscription. 2.79x became to fast. With the AI denoiser at level 3 and the option to only do preprocessing once per animation, you get this video from 5min render time down to 22 seconds, which is nearly 15x faster. If you put 180€ in a 1060 and 170€ in E-Cycles 2.7x, you render the video above in 44seconds per frame. So you got a very powerful render farm for a bit more than 300 bucks. Tutorial on how to get to that speed is included.
Mac versions is in beta test and will be available soon.

(vitorbalbio) #658

I purchased it to test in some personal project and i need to say that i’m very impressed. I had tested others denoise solutions such D-noise and the build-in blender denoise but the Intel one is both faster and much more precise. I need to make more tests on it but what I’ve seen so far is incredible.
Hope you have success and keep this project alive for a long time. Your Cycles version is already years ahead the vanilla one.

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The Mac version based on 2.8x is available.

(Mike) #660

I really like what you’ve done to improve the cycles renderer. How do I send a pm (sorry for noob question)?

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You can click on my avatar then “message”

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What’s the difference between the monthly 2.8 and 2.79 full version? It looks like my newest notebook GPU has died, and I’ll have to step down to my previous notebook (from a GTX 1060 Mobile to a 780m), so I got interested in your product, but since 170 euro is too expensive for me (that’s half the price of a GTX 1660 Ti where I live, and I can do so much more with a new card besides rendering in Cycles), I’d have to go with the monthly 2.8.

I’d like to know the difference in rendering in scenes using both DOF and Motion Blur. Some non photo realistic examples (like cartoon characters, which are my main line of work) would be awesome as well!

(mathieu) #663

Hi Raphael,
the 2.79 version is stable and thus has some bonus features. 2.8x will get those features on the long term when it’s stable. Those 2 features are:

  • the faster AI denoising on multi-GPU setups
  • and the option to only do the preprocessing phase once for fly-through animations (where only the camera moves)

Regarding non photo realistic examples, I think @vitorbalbio also does a lot of cartoon style renders. Maybe he can show some shots? If you know or have some good cartoon-style blends freely available, or if you PM me some, I can render them and show you the results.

(mathieu) #664

The weekly update is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux.
You can get it based on 2.8x or 2.79x. You can also take a monthly membership for 2.8x.

(mathieu) #665

A quick changelog:

  • Both the 2.8x and 2.79x versions now have the AI denoiser addon built-in, so you only need to activate it.
  • The Quick Settings panel is in both versions now, exactly like in the tutorial. It brings all the speedup settings in one place, easily accessible.
  • Progressive rendering got a nice speedup from 7min19 in master to 1min10 in E-Cycles for a user scene

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As someone asked here how to quickly preview light setups in Cycles, I had a try in E-Cycles to see. Here with 25 lamps:

And here when duplicating a row for 33 lamps:

So it’s fast, it allows to stay in the same engine and have the same unit for all lamps.