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Point Density works only with Cpu with E_cycles_2.90_v20200729_win ( Nvidia Gtx 1070Ti )

With blender 2.91 Alpha Win i can use CPU or Gpu or Combined Cpu & Gpu

Basic example :

Is it possible to use true displacement as in Cycles experimental mode? If so, how?

How can I set .blend files to use E-Cycles build by default on Windows 10?

I tried going to .blend properties and changing the Open With app to E-Cycles build blender.exe but this isn’t working.

Solved. I just replaced the main 2.83 distro with the E-Cycles build in Program Files and that fixed it.

I often use the animation feature which renders only in console without ui. When using multiple instances for render it’s often hard to tell to which blend the console window belongs to. Is it possible to write the blend files name into the header?

Cheers Dave