E-Cycles - The fastest render engine for Blender. 3.2 release available now!

For bugs in Blender itself, you can report on developer.blender.org. For the slowdown in your 980Ti + 2080Ti setup, I need a file. Please you the standard support ways of the platform choosed to submit it and send details like exact OS, driver, GPU model and E-Cycles version.

Sales have started. You can get E-Cycles standard 2019+2020 at around 7$ per month or E-Cycles RTX 2019+2020 at 19.95$ per month until the 26th of October.

I don’t know if it’s an error and will be corrected, anyway announced was 20% but currently you can get 25%.


I don’t see this on Gumroad(or Blender Market, but I’d rather use Gumroad). And are these going to be in US $ now or is that a typo?


the monthly option is at 15€/month on Gumroad, I was speaking of the Blender Market sales. Existing customer (your case?) got coupons per mail, valid until the end of October.

E-Cycles standard

  • 4€/month for existing customers (with the coupon for 2020 send per mail, 45€ for 12 months).
  • 7.14€/month for new customers (with E-Cycles 2019+2020 = 15 months at $119)

E-Cycles RTX

  • 12.5€/month for existing customers (with the coupon for 2020 send per mail, 150€ for 12 months)
  • 19€/month for new customers (with E-Cycles RTX 2019+2020 = 15 months at $319)


As a comparison, Octane cost 699€ for 12 months and it still doesn’t has RTX support nor 2.81 builds. On top of the stable builds E-Cycles offer weekly builds to always have the latest Blender features and improvements.

Kind regards,

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Sorry, got excited when you started talking monthly prices and thought you had put up the subscription for 2020 rtx.

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And don’t forget:

As a previous OctaneBlender user I can tell:

  • You don’t have the large add-ons available for materials like E-Cycles has…
    There is the LiveDB but it still crashes blender a lot, and some materials don’t work anymore
    (they just turn any object transparent ;o)

  • You need an internet connection to activate a license…
    and hopefully it automatically deactivates after quitting (in case of crash it stays locked to the machine and can’t be used on another host)

  • You need to create lights in Octane, as there are no predefined light sources…

  • Slow support…still on 2.80 beta…and as Mathieu mentioned…still no RTX though it was announced over a year ago…RTX is only available (and in beta state) in standalone Octane version.

Did last weekend (or better started ;o) a scene of our home and did two versions…E_Cycles and Octane…but soon I gave up on Octane and bought the RTX version…not only I can use all my plugins and materials…

And if you find a bug in the software…no one is faster than Mathieu to fix it :slight_smile:

just my 2 rappen (o;


Strange, today on BlenderMarket the price for 2019+2020 was around $111, now is $119.20
Is it 20% off or 25%?

I think they corrected the price they set wrong.
The other goods are the same. It’s 20% now.

That makes sense.
I see now, this thread started last year and I guess at the time it was actually 25% whereas this time is 20%

I hope many users will see all this announcement (Redshift soon on Blender, Octane soon RTX, V-Ray coming to 2.8, etc.) are marketing announcement. E-Cylces is there for real, used and recommended by many artists and is very fast for real now.


I’m interested in E-Cycles.
One thing I’d like to know is how is it integrated into Blender. I believe I have read it is not distributed as an add-on but as a separate build itself. If that’s the case, I guess that means I can’t use experimental builds with it?

What you mean by experimental builds? Branches like the fracture modifier?

And yes…there are separate builds, not an add-on like Octane…

But Mathieu releases updates at least every week…so you always get the latest and greatest with the fastest speed available…

Tip: If you go with the RTX build, you get access to the regular E_Cycles as well…so you can start with a GTX card and upgrade later with an RTX card without to rebuy the software again :wink:

But: You can do your own builds…Mathieu also supplies documentation on Gumroad on how to build your own E_Cycles version from scratch (o;



Thank you, Richard

I mean the latest beta builds (2.81, 2.82 alpha and so on)
Thank you for the info, good to know there are frequent updates.
I’ll buy E-Cycles, it seems a valuable tool to have :+1:


Yep, I advertised the extra 5% on the Blender Market, but it is corrected now. I added 25% coupons on Gumroad for those who missed: 2.8x, 2.8x+2.7x and 2.8x+RTX.


Just to confirm before I pull the trigger: if I want 2019+2020 I can buy from Blender Market. Whereas the one you linked on Gumroad is for 2019 only, is that correct?

One thing I did not understand.
This Nebulae version (only works with nebula scenes?)
Can’t use to render something else?

Yep, exactly. If you want 2019+2020, the pack on the Blender market is certainly the easiest option.

To get the best performance, I made some hardcore optimizations only working for Nebulae indeed. The good side is that it also lower the price dramatically while offering astronomical speedups in some case:

Thanks a lot to Gleb Alexandrov for mentioning E-Cycles in hi awesome talk :slight_smile:

Note: some hours left to get 20% off on the Blender Market


Yo! Sorry I didn’t catch this sooner, but actually guys Octane costs $699 for the v4 Enterprise License + 12 months of use all 2019 Octane plugs (meaning you are buying a perpetual v4 license that is yours forever) - OR - $559 for v4 Octane Blender w/ Standalone, v4 perpetual license. Yes, Otoy really has made things nice and confusing with their new pricing and licensing bs, which has pissed off customers to no end… I personally could give a shit. I’ve decided that I will be fine with my v4 that I own forever, and will be able to bang out old jobs and re-render as needed, and thus will not be upgrading, unless a day comes that absolutely I need to. I’m an E-C man now.

That was an honest mistake BB made there. Looking at their Purchase page for Octane one would easily think that Octane was indeed seven hundred bones a year…

Also guys, I just noticed a very very faint noise pattern over my last couple animations… What is the quickest and easiest way to fix this with the latest E-C build? Is there a Static Noise option somewhere that I need to turn off? Please do advise, asap.

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The full chart of @ECycles1 benchmark.

Renders up to 2.5x faster Indeed.
I’m happy that E-Cycles is getting more and more recognized.
E-Cycles definitely deserves it.

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