E-Cycles - The fastest render engine for Blender. 3.2 release available now!

@UserUser717: Thanks, did not help here ;(

@UserUser717: I am just rendering in Blender 2.82 without e-cycles = no fireflies

Hi, we, or at least @bliblubli need a .blend for test.
You can reply to a mail from gumroad if you don´t like to publish the file in a forum.

Cheers, mib

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not relevant but - cool design!

I’m on it, I had it in for 2.81 even, but this patch somehow gave prety big speed regressions in some scenes, so I removed it. With OptiX it works great, so it’s included in the RTX version. I’ll have another look with CUDA for 2.82 :slight_smile:

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I already have several users with doing CPU rendering with E-Cycles because of the high quality and easy to use AI denoising, the extra features, the streamlined UI, support, etc.

For the out-of-the-box speed-up Currently, the best I got for CPU was around 20%, so CUDA and OptiX are still the main focus for now.

So it’s possible to speed-up rendering for CPU with E-Cycles, but it requires some clicks.

thanks for the report. Can it be that you have persistent data on?
Please send me a mail (answer any mail from Gumroad about E-Cycles) so that the discussion is easier to follow.

thanks for the report. As Mib2Berlin said, you can contact me by answering any mails from Gumroad about E-Cycles. I would need the exact OS, CPU, GPU, driver version and a .blend file to reproduce.

Two (gorgeous) E-Cycles renders I liked today :slight_smile:



I just receive from Gumroad a recurring charge for e-cycles 2020 membership of $55.04.

Edit: Since the issue has being resolve.


I think you should contact your seller to solve issues related to purchase.

Mathieu is the seller of E-Cycles through gumroad. I have send an email and have not receive a response jet.

Edit: Since the issue has being resolve.

I would like to know if this build has this feature build in?


Hi Eric,
it’s simply impossible on Gumroad to switch people without their consent. Even for free stuff. I know as I have to send coupons for upgrades and test versions.

not yet. I’ll have a look to it. 2.82 has bugs with motion blur and fluids and the devs are not yet sure if the bug will be fixed or the feature get disabled as far as I understand. I have to check if Alembic is touched or not before commiting.

A very nice interior scene rendered with E-Cycles by @EntityDesigner

If you want to learn more about the 2 projects I linked last time, see more renders and details, they are on BA too now:


Mathieu thank you for resolving the issue quickly. I should have dealt with this issue privately. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

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E-Cycles RTX 2.83 with OptiX viewport denoising is available for Windows and Linux!
Original patch by P.Mours from NVidia.

The BMW scene looks very good with a few samples :slight_smile:


I’m loving the new viewport denoiser! Also E-Cycles has paid for itself and some, been using it on simple freelance jobs.

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Today with E-Cycles:

Professionales make their own local render farms with E-Cycles 2020. Result, rendering in the Star Wars universe computed 2.6x faster. Quick, easy and much more affordable:

Faster render times also allows to spend more time learning for kids and allows to do more iterations. A 12 years old 3D artist made a pretty nice animation:

And user Obig made a very fast integration of 3D in real footage: