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Hmm…still shows no RTX OptiX support under system preferences on my Debian 10 machine…last one that did was from April…

In the blender 2.91 alpha version I have the OptiX option…

E_cycles 2.91 is still faster with CUDA than blender 2.91 with OptiX though (o;

Just installed the latest NVIDIA driver 450.66 as the last OctaneBench didn’t recognized my RTX cards…but still no joy…

Do others here see the OptiX option in E_cycles_2.91_v20200921_lin_rtx?

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Hi Richard,
I also tried on a debian 10 based distro (following our mails) and E-Cycles RTX 2.83.6, 2.90.1 and 2.91 are all offering OptiX with my RTX cards. I used driver 450.66 from official distro repos. Can it be you have both an AMD and Nvidia GPU (because of an APU for example, it’s known to interfere on the driver level sometime)?

Hi Dave,

standard E-Cycles is made for CUDA but may work with OptiX. The RTX optimizations are in E-Cycles RTX, so it’s the best version if you have an RTX card.

when upgrading from E-Cycles standard to RTX, the standard price is deduced. As a 2019 users, you are entitled to 50% off, so I guess it will be 99€ for the upgrade. You can simply send me a mail and I’ll send you your coupon.

Kind regards,

Hello Mathieu

No AMD GPU…just an AMD 1950X and 2 * RTX2080Ti…

Only those last versions show OptixX, but all are showing 2 * RTX2080Ti under CUDA:

  • E_cycles_2.83.6_v20200904_lin_rtx
  • E_cycles_2.90_v20200922_lin_rtx
  • blender-2.91.0-8eda3ddc4f04-linux64


So if I understand right, only latest E-Cycles 2.91 doesn’t show OptiX for you?

New versions of E-Cycles 2.90.1 (test point release) and 2.91 are available.

  • E-Cycles 2.90.1 got some performance optimizations. Feedback is welcome. If all goes well, the optimizations will be integrated in the final 2.90.1 release.
  • E-Cycles 2.91 got a feature update. You can now tweak your light groups directly in the viewport. Until now, changing a light strength or color would reset sample count to 1 and resolution to 64x64. E-Cycles 2.91 now allows to tweak all that with current sample count, with continuous rendering and at full resolution. It allows to quickly create light setups with instant high quality feedback.

1 minute tutorial:

Another example with an exterior scene:

E-Cycles is available on the Blender Market.
Happy rendering!


Hello Mathieu

Actually both E_cycles 2.91 versions are only showing RTX2080Ti under CUDA:

  • E_cycles_2.91_v20200911_lin_rtx
  • E_cycles_2.91_v20200921_lin_rtx


Ok, thanks for the details, I’ll investigate :slight_smile:

Thanks Mathieu :slight_smile:

Can I investigate something in the python console?

I installed Debian 10 and already found the issue. I hope to have a fix in the next build. Thanks for the report!

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Hey Mathieu,
I bought e-cycles in February 2020. how long would I get updates of rtx version when I upgrade?

Cheers Dave

Hey Dave,

the 50% off offer is for the calendar year version, so you would get updates until 31th of December 2020. For $99 to upgrade to E-Cycles RTX in your case it’s cheaper than the 3 months membership.

Kind regards,

The issue should be fixed in E-Cycles 2.91 20200922 :slight_smile:

Hello Mathieu

Just tried this morning before going to work…

Works perfectly…thanks for the fast fix :slight_smile:


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mathieu, I don’t see a e-cycles 2.91 20200922 on gumroad. Thanks

Only Linux got an extra release to fix a bug on Debian 10. Windows builds of E-Cycles worked properly.


The new recommended NVidia driver version for E-Cycles is 452 (I do all tests with 452.06 so it’s the certified one). I recommend everyone to upgrade.

Is eCycles compatible with True Terrain addon?
For me TrueWater shader is rendered completly black whatever the settings I tried.
(eCyclesRTX 2.83.5, CUDA mode because True Terrain seems to be incompatible whith Optix)