E-Cycles - The fastest render engine for Blender. 3.2 release available now!

Did the new OIDN Intel denoiser make it into this version? :nerd_face:


New versions are up as of today with OIDN 1.3.0 in 2.93 :slight_smile:

Very low sample renders are actually better in 1.2.0, but for final render, it’s a clear improvement!


Ahh nice! the latter is kind of important for my needs! downloading now! :smiley:

edit: dumb question, how do I activate the Intel denoiser for final frame rendering? So many options its confusing.

edit2: found a bug? using AI denoiser set to High quality with AO mode, renders completely black.

You can simply click “create” in the AI-Denoiser panel.

E-Cycles AI-Denoiser uses OIDN as a base, so since I updated to 1.3.0, it now uses this version. You can still use the denoising options in the sampling panel, but E-Cycles AI-Denoiser preserves details much better and needs less way samples.

For the bug, I would need a .blend file to reproduce (answering the confirmation mail from Gumroad or clicking the “ask a question” button on the BM page)

Edit: about bugs, I often get a warning about trackers in this thread and only this one. @bartv could you please have a look to what is causing this and provide a fix?

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Made with E-Cycles this week:

More renders on Artur’s Artstation page


I am having some problema with the persistent data function. I have a scene where nothing moves in terms of geometry, just some procedural textures. With th persistent data on the textures do not move in the render. Is this normal? I thought persistent data could work when no geometry changed, I thought you could have animated textures in the scene.

Hi Bernardo,

persistent data currently freezes everything but the camera and some render settings.

  • Animated textures would require to load the full animation for the whole render process, which would lead to memory getting full in many cases.
  • Animated UVs or shaders would also require to re-run the full process as displacement for example leads to modified geometry in the end.

It is planned to add support for more atomic updates later.


ah, then I was wrong… looking forward for those new features! Thanks for the answer!

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You can see @monkriss awesome archviz renders made with E-Cycles 2021 in the thread linked beneath with a video review of E-Cycles showing some tips to speed-up your lightning/archviz workflow!

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You can use “E-Cycles” (with 2 capitals) in the “software used” section of Artstation. Thanks a lot to the firsts artists who added the tag so fast!


hy, sadly the page doesnt exist anymore…i bookmarked it…it was really good to check. is there a possibility that a official cycles-page will show up in future?

Sorry, there was no continuous domain consideration.
You can now access it through the address below.
http://e-cycles.ml and http://ecycles.ml


wow thanks buddy! :wink:


I’ll try to make an official page for tutorials at some point :slight_smile:

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New builds of E-Cycles 2.92 and 2.93 are available!

  • the first E-Cycles 2021 release based on 2.92 builds is now very stable. If the BF doesn’t fix major bugs today, it is pretty much what you will get with the final release and could even be the final release. On the E-Cycles side, all reported bugs were fixed!
  • the 2.93 builds are based on latest master as usual.
  • E-Cycles nebulae is being ported to 2.92 and is planned to be available again soon.

I really recommend having a look to the fly-through animations made by Tim Barton with E-Cycles. Best is to watch them in max resolution in a dark room with one eye closed. You brain will do the job for the depth :slight_smile:

Happy rendering!


E-Cycles 2021 is now officially stable!

New features and improvements:

  • highly optimized viewport rendering for complex scenes.
  • reworked quick settings panel: all viewport options are now directly accessible in the viewport itself, making them faster to access and leaving room for extra options in the quick settings – for example, to easily scale the resolution of your image,
  • improved quality for OptiX denoising,
  • better defaults out of the box: new scenes will now default to Cycles with GPU rendering. The standard version of E-Cycles will use CUDA by default, while E-Cycles RTX will use OptiX by default. If you’re using CPU or OpenCL, you can simply switch to this device types and save your preferences!
  • for artists who prefer to work with the compositor version of light groups, it will now update when tweaking the light groups values, even if no compositor window is opened. You can now easily see the effect of your changes. The best way is still to use viewport light groups though, as it’s real time,
  • Physical Glare is now available as a new mode of the glare node. It is based on the physical properties of the human eye, and gives very high quality results!
  • higher noise/signal ratio in many standard archviz scenarios for even faster rendering using less samples,
  • some very useful add-ons are now activated by default like sun-position to allow for easy use of the new sky texture based on time and location for example,
  • last used profile name is displayed at the top of the quick settings panel
  • a huge load of polishing, bug fixing and typo clean-ups to make the user experience even better!

The IMeshh team made a video showing how they use E-Cycles in their work with viewport light groups and more:

Happy rendering!


Hey Mat, I wonder where are all the experimental addons in 2.92 that I find in Ecycles 2.93. Point Cloud for instance is available in some builds for 2.92, why are they not included in those versions of ECYCLES?
I am just starting to work with 2.92 and many of my addons are limited by the blender version, simply because it seems they can’t seem to keep up with update after update. Simple Question, why are these not in stable Ecycles 2.92 and is there a way for me to graft those in somehow at my own risk?


Thank you.

Hi. Where can I find a description of what does "Transparent Shadows " do? Thank you

Hi Mathieu,

I’m looking into buying eCycles again for 2021 and just have a couple questions first.

  1. How does EC 2.92 2021 compare to the EC 2.92 alpha build from Dec 22? My projects are mostly interiors but with rigged human characters and I’ve noticed that 4 out of 6 comparison renders in different light conditions of default setting vanilla 2.92 vs default EC 2.91, vanilla renders faster for my particular use case.

I’m guessing this is the multithreaded geometry export improvement in 2.92 that maybe wasn’t available during EC 2.92 alpha in December but would like your confirmation first.

  1. Are there still plans to donate the code from 2020 to Blender Foundation?

Thanks for all your work and help over the past year.

This video would be useful. (Start at 10:00)

Or watch the “Transparency Changes” tutorial at the link below. (These tutorials exist on the Gumroad or Blender Market download page.)

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