E-Cycles - up to 2.5x faster rendering for Blender 2.79 to 2.82

Does the 2.8 version now have the extra feature for fast fly-through visualizations where only the camera moves or not yet?

It’s still 2.79x only. The code of 2.80 is still changing a lot and from what I know, 2.80 final will still require big changes in the way Cycles communicate with Blender, which is were this patch acts. I think it’s better to spend my time on improving Cycles. As soon as the depsgraph and it’s communication with Cycles is settled, I port the patch :slight_smile:


CPU denoising could be doable relatively quickly, I first finish the adaptive sampling patch for June.


The discount you waited for is here. It will be the last one with 50% off.

For those who missed the Gumroadday:


ah dang i literally bought it between the middle of the two 50% sales:D i should have been more patient.

I really like the updates btw. i can’t wait to see whats more coming

I can offer you the course for free if you want :slight_smile: You can then have the first E-cycles speed-ups, dithered sobol, scrambling distance and the Intel denoiser on top of fracture modifier or mantaflow for example :slight_smile: Plus some new modifiers, learn how to customize the UI, etc.
For the other one wanting interested, you can get learn it all with 50% off until Sunday here https://gum.co/ecycle/ywytbm3 . It works for the advanced version too which includes the Cycles part.


woah thats a really generous offer! :o
I’m gonna send you a private message!

Path tracer are slow or you want to upgrade your old graphic card but have a limited budget. With E-cycles, select a fast preset, hit render, your optimization is done. With a real time renderer, you would have to convert and tweak a lot of things, tricks would break in animation. This archviz renders in 5 seconds with your Cycles materials. 2 clicks to switch to switch to nearly real time rendering, with still higher quality while ensuring stability in your animations.

If you need more quality with a real time renderer, you will quickly hit a wall. With E-Cycles, 2 clicks to select the high quality profile and hit render, still rendering 2x faster than with vanilla Cycles using the same quality:

You can get E-cycles on the Blender Market https://www.blendermarket.com/products/e-cycles with 50% off using the code blendermarket until Sunday.
Gumroad also has the offers:


There was a big change 2 days ago in master in the way lights are handled. If you saved a file with a recent buildbots and render it in E-Cycles, it may render darker. I’m including the latest changes in E-Cycles, a new build should be available soon. As it’s a pretty big change, a lot of fixes keep coming in master to correct the bugs created by this change. So for professional work, I recommend staying on the v20190510 builds until the new light system is stable.



Purchased E-Cycles in BlenderMarket :slight_smile:



Thank you and welcome :slight_smile: I’ll upload an updated tutorial soon, the documentation is already updated with all the new features up to May and has everything explained, plus some tips to get the best performance. I recommend to have a look to it :slight_smile:


Also purchased :slight_smile:

I’m stuck from the start, though… I’m on KDE Neon.

  • The blender executable doesn’t start from it’s unpacked folder.
  • For me it’s hard to follow the instructions for installing oidn, as I’m bad with the console. Should I copy the folder “oidn-0.9.0.x86_64.linux” from the archive in to “/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/”, or the content of that folder (folders bin, doc, include, lib) directly to “/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/”? And what’s the path “/usr/local/lib” used for, exactly?
  • Could you show a screenshot of how the file’s “/etc/ld.so.conf” content should look like after adding the reqired path?
    I’m using krusader in root mode for all this…
    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Purchased 2.79 and 2.8 on Blender Market! Faster than my Octane/Blender GPU network setup, just incredibly fast. great work!


just unpack the lib folder and copy all the files from there to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
there is no modifications of the conf to do in this case normally.
Each distribution has it’s own structure for libs, so ensure /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ already has some .so files, it’s a good sign the path is used for searching libs.
Please let me know if that helps.

Welcome on E-cycles, I’m happy to here that :slight_smile: I indeed have several Octane user who switched to E-Cycles for the better integration and the faster pre-processing time.

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Purchased on Blender Market! :slight_smile:

In my case (animation, custom scene, tons of alphas, grass and glass) it is 1.5x faster. I guess the grass system is making it really hard for E-Cycles.

Master 2.79 -> 40:00 minutes
E-Cycles -> 27:02 minutes

I appreciate this thing more than the entire Blender 2.8 update. Thanks!

Note: I had a problem with Blender crashing due to CUDA error (line 1713) but changing the TDR registry value has solved it.


this change of lights maybe a pain in the ass, but it was needed to make eevee and cycles one render :slight_smile: now it’s real fun to work in blender.

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Bought it 2 days ago on BlenderMarket just before having to submit some images to a client. My render times dropped from 30-90min to 6-12min on a custom scene without knowing anything about e-cycles beforehand. Great job, man. Thank you very much.


Thanks for replying so quickly. I’m in a hurry, going on a trip. Will try it in a few days when I get back and let u know, of course :slight_smile:

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But there’s no E-Cyles 2.79b (official build patched) :thinking: nor other based on daily master 2.79 Stable (monthly sub or one off build). What gives? Will you ever care to build or offer one?