E-Cycles - up to 2.5x faster rendering for Blender 2.79 to 2.82

Why post 2 identical images? Anyway, with exact same noise pattern, it’s 1,4x faster in this scene, but actually nobody uses this option. It was broken 2 weeks long and nobody reported.

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There appears to be something wrong with the video. I can neither view it on my desktop nor on my laptop.

I took mov this time like @rawalanche suggested, although Blender defaults to mkv. At least with firefox it works. It’s standard h264. Did you try with chrome or firefox? IE/Edge are known to not support standards. I will add a mp4 version to see if it works better.

In my opinion, and I forgot to suggest it, mp4 container gives less problem browser and platform wise

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I´m on firefox. My desktop is a windows 10 machine and I just get a blank video player. If I press play it disappears.
On the laptop which is a mac the video plays but it is just a green screen with some of the contrours of the video visible.
I normally have no problem with mov or h264 codecs.

I hope it’s better now with mp4?


Another question for you @bliblubli: are these speed gains still there with command line rendering? What is your coding about? Different sampling algorithms? Eliminating Blender’s bottlenecks?

It works with cmd rendering of course. There are many points, better sampling, code that better use parallelism, auto tile size also brings time savings by rendering and by setting up the scene. And now a very powerful AI denoiser :slight_smile:

Why? Because if you have 2 images with same setup, you can truly see if the optimizations impact only performance, or also quality. You have previously posted one image that is brighter, with more bounces, and different setup. Sure, that’s fine, but that’s not how comparisons are done. :wink:

It’s good to see that E-Cycles not only renders faster, but also renders faster with more bounces, but first you need to establish some basis for measuring just performance, before you can start comparing apples to bananas :slight_smile:


@rawalanche I updated my post, but that’s so dumb, that even the forum notice it’s the same image (it calculates hashes and the hash is the same… so it just keep the first one.).
Edit: it even replaced the name with the one from the other render, it looks like a big fake :smiley: removing. You can download the image twice if you want and compare the 2 downloads :wink:


Thanks for the update bliblubli, so this comparison is vanilla vs. e-cycles with the same sampling algo - 18:10 min vs. 13:07, right? I could imagine some people would like to see your new sampling algo in comparison (same settings for bounces, no caustics, clamping etc.) to see the speed gains. Personally I would love to see the images without denoising to judge noise quality and afterwards separated tests regarding denoising vanilla vs OIDN.

To make things clear in advance, I will be future E-cycles customer and I really appreciate your hard work!

yes, as @rawalanche asked, I used the option nobody uses to get the exact same sampling as vanilla Blender (so exact same rendering), thus only 1.4x faster in this case, instead of 2.1x faster with the new algo. I will do a comparison of vanilla sampling/denoise vs E-Cycles sampling/denoise if you want.

Ok, cool!

Its not really about what I want, it is perhaps more about how you present the results of your work in the best way possible, to prevent speculation/misunderstandings etc. :slight_smile:

Are there speed gains through faster pre-processing, yet? If so, please show analytic results :smiley:

The faster pre processing is a work in progress. The next update will bring faster rendering in most scenes (about 20%) with the exact same output. The preprocessing time speedup will come later.

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Hi Math, are you also implementing CPU usage? Or maybe I misunderstood?

I am, but it is beta and only for testing purpose for now.

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So here is a comparison of the master denoiser and new E-Cycles denoiser:

The noisy image at 36spp (is the same in both master and E-Cycles):

The master denoiser (21sec render time):

and denoised with E-Cycles (21sec render time using current builds, 10sec render time using the improved processing time):

Most of the render time is preprocessing and postprocessing in all cases. The actual path tracing is done in 3sec.

Edit: By the way, it’s the blend file from evermotion as is, with only the spp at 36 and the compositor denoising. So it’s setup in some seconds.


People who would be interested in a version with only the AMD and CPU speedup (10 to 20% faster) plus the new denoising node with 50% off can put a like on this post.


Doing a direct comparison, the E-cycles denoiser is indeed smoother and produced far better results in a few areas.

However, it turned the upper cabinets into a simple green box, muddied the detail on the wooden floor, and actually changed the shape of the legs under the left table in spots. In any case, it’s still a foolish thing to think the latest in AI and machine-learning tech. is going to produce miracles.

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It’s a 36spp render, I will add more examples at higher spp and with better settings.