E-Cycles - up to 2.5x faster rendering for Blender 2.79 to 2.82

In the future if you could add Nvidia RTX support so Cycles could use the Tensor cores you might get up to an 8x speedup with Cycles using RTX alone. With Octane they just came out with RTX support and they get about a 2x speedup. Not quite 8x, but still with your E-Cycles doing 2x if you can get 2x more it would be 4x speedup.

I think a lot of people here are a little unbelieving of your results because they are so good and because you don’t have an easier to understand explanation of how you do it. Is it only a good denoiser that speeds it up? An optimization of the raytracing code? A faster memory optimization? A pure streamlining of the Cycles code? I hope you see where I’m going with this. Add to the first post a simple explanation of how you are speeding up Cycles instead of only having, it’s all in the class if you want to spend a few days learning it, would go a long way to gain trust from the start. In the very first lines it should be.

E-Cycles speeds up Cycles with:

  • Better memory optimizations
  • Faster raytracing algorithm
  • Etc. whatever you did to make it faster

I’ve seen Ton’s post about the possibility of integrating Optix raytracing in Blender, but I didn’t see any official statement that a dev is working on it? I’ll ask on devtalk.

I changed the first post according to your feedback as many of you asked over the month. Does it answer your questions correctly?


Hallo @bliblubli,

I got very curious about you product, so I decided to run the free BMW demo with my 2080Ti, but the result is really poor:

BMW benchmark MASTER : 01.33.90 min
BMW benchmark E-Cycles : 01.31.50 min

I wonder if I did something wrong, or if maybe this demo that you kindly provided is outdated or something.
Also, are there some more demos that we can try before purchasing the product?

Thank you

Hello Andrea,
You just downloaded an official benchmark from the Blender Foundation. Some users won a free version at the beginning by guessing the render time of an image. Sorry I left an old page, I thought removing it from the sells on gumroad would also remove the web page. It was a way to have long time Blender user see the speedup by themselves and have some more testing before releasing the full version. On the 2080Ti, the BMW renders in 23sec with E-Cycles.
If you don’t believe me, Here the creator of these visualisation report render time from 12min21sec with master and one 2080Ti to 7min28 with one 2080Ti using E-Cycles and 3min26 with 2x 2080Ti and E-Cycles.
If you still don’t believe, you can try for a month before buying a year and I’ll deduce the month you paid.

I have a problem with the noise pattern it looks blotchy, tried in 3 projekts.

Hi Julio,

  • which E-Cycles version did you use (2.79x or 2.8x)?
  • is it the imaged done with the old denoiser or the AI denoiser?
  • If AI, which level ?

In any case, I need a file and steps to reproduce the error.

No Denoiser. Just noise compatibillity turned on first render, turned off second render.
Latest 2.79 build.

ok, please provide a file and the steps, I’ll have a look. (you can PM me or send email)

The new weekly build for E-Cycles 2.79x is up. It has the latest AI denoiser addon and a bug that occurred at very high sample (over 4000spp) is fixed. 2.8 based version will follow soon.

Known bugs left: The AI denoiser may not work on some distros. Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, Linux Mint 18.x and 19.x are known to work.


Thanks for your fast replies, your support is fantastic.

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Yes. WAY better!

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The documentation has been updated.
The Linux versions now support the same distributions as the official buildbots, even a bit more (glibc 2.23+ in E-Cycles vs 2.24+ in buildbots)

A new beta version of the AI denoiser addon is up:

  • It will test available materials to recommend using SSS for example if it find a material using it in the scene. As actual visibility of said material is unknown to python, it’s still a user decision to activate it.
  • It has a new button to regenerate the tree with the new settings.
  • it will automatically disable the old denoiser if AI denoising is chosen to avoid denoising twice
  • the image details quality is enhanced in some scenarios
  • the next version will spare a lot of memory. The very first bits toward memory usage optimizations are in this beta. Documentation on how to use it will follow soon.

To install it, just download it from the bottom of the product page and replace the one from your build (located in 2.80 oder 2.79\scripts\addons) with the new one.

The Gumroad sales start on Thursday.

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Hi Mat,

Thank you for all the updates!
And constant responses!
Since release of the update 20190326 the final result of the render image has a lot of strong fireflies this was mainly caused because MIS was deactivated, that en the project Im working on improved a lot the render time per frame but take the posibilit of decrease a bit the denoise amount, I should use it now at 1 yes or yes, If not you can notice this strong fireflies everywhere.
Other thing is now im working on another scene of the same project and the denoise before and after the AI update you uploaded yesterday is giving me super strange result, Is like is changing colours and more…Ill upload a reference wiht denoise and without it. I just need to try to the version before the 26 realese.

Thank you!

Hi Pato,

you’re welcome, the march month was indeed full of improvements to the AI denoiser addon, generally for the April release, I concentrated on user experience, more is coming in the next release together with memory optimizations.

Looking at the plant, it seems you are using level 3 and didn’t check the transmission option in the denoise panel?
Regarding the fireflies, it seems you deactivated MIS for your HDRi in the world panel? if you reactivate it, it should render properly. If not, I didn’t change anything to the path tracing code for the 26th march release, so it sounds more like a bug introduced in master/official buildbots? If the problem persists, please provide a file and steps to reproduce (per PM or email).


There is a beta including many of the improvements of the April update available (2.8 version). It includes:

  • a memory optimization when using level 3 of the denoiser with all material types (SSS and transmission). It uses only a half of the memory compared to latest version.
  • If it’s still not enough, there is a low mem option. It’s still in very early stage. At the moment, to use this option, you have to click “prepare low mem denoise” after rendering and grab one link somewhere in the compositor tree, just to trigger the compositing. There is at the moment no API call in 2.8 for that as far as I could see…
  • I also reworked the UI for the quick settings panel, I’ll update the doc accordingly later, comments are welcome.

Coming next to the April update is an option to make the noise more AI friendly. Here an example on the classroom scene where the AI had a hard time denoising the blades in front of the window with the march update. The April update option gives much better results (2x magnification)


For the Gumroad sales on thursday, what about getting updates for all 2019 for the 2.79x or 2.8x version of E-Cycles with 50% off?

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Hi Mat!

Thanks for the response!
The plant was the SSS i didnt activate on the denoise.
On the hdri wasent activated the MIS, but still is in gray the option like will not affect, but It helped.
About the fireflys in the other FIle i was woking on, I didnt change anythign and with 1 week ago update the fireflies was much less, compared with exactly the same file with the last updates.
But in one of the shoots last updates reduce the render time from 2.30 minutes to 1:30 minutes… and with the denoiser at 100 percent the image was quite right!!!

Ill try this new version now!!

I cant complain about this :grinning:, but which will be the price?


Happy to here your problem are solved and you got great speedup :slight_smile:

For the perpetual versions, E-Cycles 2.79x will be available for one day at the 2.8x price at 85€.
For E-Cycles 2.8x it will go from 85€ to 42€, so about 3 months of membership.

Hi Mat!

I think it will be fair enought for me the price!
Thanks for this.