E-Cycles - up to 2.5x faster rendering for Blender 2.79 to 2.82

Did you have a look to the blendernation article? There are several renders without AO there. I use the Evermotion scene because of legal reason. It’s the only one I’m authorized to show. You can also have a look to @BD3D 's renders.

You can look at my last Project :Boring Kitchen

6k samples, no AO, and speedup 2,5x, rendertime about 25 min on single 1080

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I also thought about adding Scene types for interior and exterior and product advert, as it covers 99% of the current E-Cycles users, even wanted to have it autodetected instead of manual. I’ll have a look to it again next week.


Thanks a lot for the good example. If you can write you rendered it with with E-Cycles under the render, that would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, but there are no before/after examples. I have specifically made a scene, originally for Corona renderer, to test these kinds of scenarios. You can find it here: Cycles Performance

It will require a HDRI map, which I can not redistribute, however you can get it directly from here: http://illuminatedtools.com/Downloads/ext_LateAfternoon_Mountains_CSP.zip Just plug it in as an environment map and do not change rotation, and you should get an identical result. The scene itself is set up without any ambient fakes.

If you decide to test it, just please post a proper comparison. Meaning 2 images (regular Cycles vs E-Cycles) rendered with the exact same settings, exact same time limit, and both without denoisers. (We are comparing sampling performance here, not denoisers).

Best way to compare noise levels is to see two images rendered for the exact same amount of time on the exact same machine with the exact same settings. Anything else is just biasing the results.

I bought 2.8x e-cycles and now I am moving to the fully-featured 2.79 e-cycles build.
Mathieu worked right away to have all my issues answered almost instantly.

This scene is true light example. No AO.

4:06 pathtracing

2:25 pathtracing

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Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’m happy to hear it works good for you now. It seems you still have the slight bug EKlein mentioned in the beta as the lightning is a bit darker (it seems this bug reduces reflections/glossyness, still investigaring). The stable march version version work as expected, so a fix should come quickly.

Thanks, I’ll have a look when the april version is officially released, will help to check regressions. By the way, why not take a hdri haven one? You are allowed to distribute those with a simple notice it comes from hdri haven. That would help to have everyone use the same hdri.

I think it is not possible since with same settings e-cycles tend to be faster with same settings.
This is just what you are looking for:

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The one I linked is also free. It’s just a good HDRI, and since I’ve already done a lot of test renders with that one in this particular scene, then let’s just use this one for now. Let’s not make things unnecessarily complicated :slight_smile:

Yes, it is very easily possible. You just open the scene with regular Cycles, do not change a thing, and let it render for let’s say 2 minutes. Then you open the same scene in E-Cycles build, do not change a thing, and let it render for the same 2 minutes. After that, you compare the two images. If E-Cycles is faster, then E-Cycles image will be visibly cleaner after 2 minutes :slight_smile:

That is the most reliable way of testing rendering performance - visual difference in noise after same rendering time. That’s what ultimately matters, when you send an image to a client. Simply how noisy it looks. All you want from a faster rendering is to either have less noisy image after same time, or have image of same visible noise level rendered faster :slight_smile:

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Ok I got it.
But in the example above I can see clearly that in less time it have less noise.
And the file i opened and rendered with same settings.

6k samples ? are you crazy ?

auto detecting ? wow

No im not.

I can share you one of my exterior scenes for testing E cycles speedups, I’m interested meet the performance in this situation, but I can’t buy E cycles in this moments for testing.

send you a PM

Here your request:

In 2:25 e-cycles rendered the 500spp AMAZING FAST :+1::+1::grinning:
With same settings. I just saved and opened in e-cycles, then disabled AO that e-cycles enables by default (for quick previews I think).
In 2:25 cycles rendered just 24spp. It seems that progressive refine is out of question.

small tiles seems to be fair play


Thanks for the comparison, I should have done this before actually :smiley:
E-Cycles doesn’t enable AO by default. If it somehow does, then it’s a bug, you can make a bug report per PM. But I opened this file again in 2.79x version of E-cycles and the bounces are at 0 (AO simplification disabled)

where is AI denoiser in new version,
I cannot see it …