E-Cycles - up to 2.5x faster rendering for Blender 2.79 to 2.82

New RTX builds are up:

  • shadow catcher is working properly again

The Bconf resulted in only a few cleanup commits, so standard E-Cycles of last week is still valid for another week. If someone really nead one of the few fixes now, I can upload a new build. Otherwise, I concentrate on some cool new stuff :slight_smile:

The Gumroad coupons with 25% off on all 2019 versions of E-Cycles are valid until midnight: 2.8x, 2.8x+2.7x and 2.8x+RTX.

Just a little confused right now mate. I have the 2019 version of e-cycles. If I pre order the 2020 version how long does that cover me for? Sorry if it’s written in plain site and I’m not looking properly.

Edit - never mind. I read my email again.

If you are an existing E-Cycles customer and want to upgrade to 2020 (which includes all updates until the end of 2020), you can contact me. You can get E-cycles standard for an equivalent of 4€/month and E-Cycles RTX for an equivalent of 12.5€/month if you upgrade until the end of October (4 days left).

I send the mail in September. If you didn’t receive those because of privacy/notification configuration or so, you can PM me the email you used to buy and I’ll send you a coupon.

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#define some_cool_new_stuff (o;

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Where can i find e-cycles rtx monthly?

As far as I know, what he speaks about in his tweet is for CPU only. Viewport denoising for GPU is coming with the OptiX improvements. NVidia is working on it, so as always, I prefer to work on improvements which can stack with other’s work.

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Hi Narcis,

E-Cycles RTX monthly will only come in 2020. For 2019, the 25% off coupon for E-Cycles RTX is available until tonight.


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/* Codename E-Cycles Next */


Hi, just a quick question, Sobol is the default patterned, but in terms of noise and speed is dithered sobol always a case by case use?

Yo! I have started a thread about Instancing + Graswald + Scatter + E-Cycles… In a post Octane LightWave world… Please swing by and join the discussion if you can bring anything good to the table. Being a former LightWave user is in no way required, but being a former Octane user (or one who is still, but now predominately uses E-C) is a plus. : - )

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Okay, so I’ve had some free time today, for the first time in a long time, while crap renders in my B-Renderon stack (damn I love that thing!)…

Mathieu, I actually suggested to the dev of B-Renderon recently that he try to find some way to override commands somehow to designate which GPUs to use for rendering… But now that I have been able to allocate more than a couple hundred brain cells to contemplate this stuff today, I am now really wondering if there is anything that YOU can do, to allow us to tick off which GPUs we want to use, for any given blend. In other words, without touching prefs… Is that even remotely possible on your end? If so, someone like myself could save an E-C blend file with GPU’s 2 & 3 to render, pop that bad-boy in B-Renderon, and continue crankin’ with GPU1 in E-C working on the next scene. I have to tell you bro, this would completely rock my world (and presumably many others), if you could pull this off. So, is this doable at all? It’s worth noting (since we often use Octane as a measuring stick for various things E-C related) that Octane not only has the ability to designate GPUs in final renders, but even which GPUs to use during IPR preview rendering (definitely in LW, but I believe all the Octane plugins).

Edit: It is not lost on me that both E-C Blender and a blend in B-Renderon would both be tugging away at system resources, and maybe that would cause an occasional crash etc, but I have been able to do a lot of work (comping in PS, edit video in Resolve) while two of my GPUs were rendering in Octane LW…

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it’s still a case by case decision indeed.

  • Sobol is fast and robust (works on all files). So if your time is the most valuable resource, stick to it.

If render time is the most important:

  • If dithered sobol was free of correlation issues, I think it would be the best sampler. At low sample, it definetly improves the noise, even more when combined with low noise/scrambling distance values. At high sample, it brings little to nothing, but it is as fast as standard sobol. If your scene has no artifacts with it, go for it.
  • Adaptive sampling has potential, but at least as a user, I could only get benefits from it for volumes and motion blur. If your scene has no blotches with it, go for it.

Kind regards,

Hi @norka ,
you can simply call a script when you run command line renders with B-Renderon. This script can activate the GPU you wants. As it’s pretty easy to do on the B-Renderon side (just add a user defined script to the command), I think it’s the best solution. Changing it on the Blender side is a much biger task.

Oh… he really didn’t seem to think that was possible on his end. I wonder how he doesn’t know this… I’ll send him your way and maybe you can help him. Thanks BB! I’m thinking that big picture this is something that should really be considered. Lots of Octane folk use that feature all the time - enable display GPU too if they want to temporarily speed up IPR renders, then disable again while working on a scene. Or if they want to work on something else during a final render - can un-check display GPU, even if in the middle of a render, and that GPU becomes freed to do display duty - and has the ability to put it back to work on the render when no longer need all resources for display.

Hello BB,
I am wondering how to download the Linux version. Do I have to buy it again?

If it’s done by a python script, one could even code to get the devices to use from a text file, which would be read between each frame. Something like (exact operators/paths are in the API docs and UI):

  • bpy…render(),
  • read file (simple .txt modified by brenderon at any moment),
  • bpy…deviceX_use= true,
  • next_frame,
  • bpy…render(),
  • etc…

Thus, the display GPU could be freed or reactivated during an animation render.

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Hello Rafbr,
if you took the all OS option, it’s included, otherwise, you can contact me per mail by answering any updates email from E-Cycles.

Hi Mathieu! Yesterday I posted this proposal on right click select. Is it something that would be hard to implement in e-cycles?

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Would be cool to also see E-RTX-Cycles build …

Though I have only AMD GPU’s I … dam … almost regret not being able to get me a few RTX 2080TI’s

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