E-Cycles - up to 2.5x faster rendering for Blender 2.79 to 2.82

It will be in the next feature update in April.


The weekly update is available.

  • Just like master, it uses less memory thanks to a patch from @skw for UVs.
  • The linux builds have no AI denoiser yet because of a problem in the OIDN library, a new build will come as soon as the bug is fixed.
  • The AI denoise addon is also now included and updated, you just have to activate it.
  • Progressive rendering also better benefit from the speedups now. On a user test file, time went from 3min01sec on master to 1min54sec on E-Cycles.

Heya bliblubli,

just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing here. As a hobbyist and a father of three with a full-time job, time is my most precious resource. Both your course and your build service for E-Cycles help me save some of that, so thanks again :slight_smile:


could you post other short animations of different scenes?
I would like to see the results of various scenarios
if it is possible,
thank you so much

I’ll add more animations over time. In the mean time, here is a list of quick links of examples of E-Cycles usage that were disclosed:

Rendered with E-Cycles at 23 sec per frame all inclusive = scene preparation, path tracing, AI denoising, compositing, file saving (which starts to be a good chunck of the overall time actually using PNG)


thank you!

man, in these fragments of animations it seems to me that in this code you are writing, in metaphor, you are opening a portal that takes us into a new world … just right in time for 2020. :grin:

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Would be awesome to see the speed on 2x 2080Ti


The Linux version now works with the AI denoiser properly.


For some reasons gumroad page isn’t working.

BPT is now accelerated as well as PT? This build is available?

It seems indeed Gumroad is down at the moment. I would like to sell on Blendermarket also, but my tax lawyer said it is illegal in europe, because they don’t pay VAT, which is both risky for you as a buyer and for me. Your state can pursue you to court for not paying VAT, you can then of course pursue the BlenderMarket as the european law make the shop platform responsible for gathering and dispatching it to the right tax administration. But it’s hard to do it when their company seat is in America, which means in the end, you are getting the troubles. Gumroad does everything properly, so I stay there until other platform become legal.

BPT is also accelerated, but less than PT in current builds. The videos I made at 20sec per frame are made with BPT using my current dev branch. It will be available in 2-3 weeks on the product page.

Edit: gumroad is working again.

It will be available in 2-3 weeks on the product page.

Damn, I have a production scene with 50+ light sources, so I have to rely on BPT. I’ll check the difference in current build.

Anyways, thanks for amazing work.

I just made a tutorial on how I went from 5minutes to 22sec render time for this video, it is available now on the product page:

I’ll make a new build this week with the BPT improvements.


The state can sue buyers for not paying vat online ? How are they doing good this ? Trough the bank ? Also Through paypal ?

This is 1984 level scary

Of course is not paying VAT illegal. As a casual user, spending 10€ or less and not declaring it as investment, I guess you are not going to be sued. But as a professional, you declare your expenses to the tax office and if they notice you didn’t pay VAT on some of the product you bought for your work, yes, you can be sued. It’s nothing new, even as a normal person, you have to declare everything you buy in other countries to the customs. All banks indeed have to transmit a lot of data about you to the state to fight fraud. If and how Paypal does it, I don’t know, it’s not a theme banks like to communicate about of course. You will know if you try, but it can even take up to 10 years here in Germany before you get post from the tax office, with the % they decide, over 10 years on top and some professionals do get such mail, a very bad surprise. And even if the Blendermarket is responsible, you will never get them to pay for your lawyer expenses and penalties as they are safe in america.
So prefer to sell and buy on platform that take care of all the VAT laws and management for you :slight_smile:

Note that if you are the CEO of a limited responsibility company with on top a seat in some tax paradise, you will also be safe I guess. I was speaking about normal freelancers. As the tax offices can’t get the big ones to pay, they like to show they work and have a purpose by attacking the small easy targets like most of us.

I avoid Blender Market because they remove access to your purchases if a seller decides to leave the service, gets banned or just removes the product. You don’t have this problem with Gumroad.

Mac users, I’m working on the Mac build :slight_smile:

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A new PDF is available with some tips to get optimal speed and memory usage in 2.8x and 2.79x builds. It can divide memory requirement of the denoiser by 4.


Hello Mathieu, are you still recommend 2.7 version for RTX cards after all March changes?

with a rtx 2080ti, e-cycles just dropped my render from 3 HOURS to 45minutes… 4x time more speed !
and the viewport is CLEARLY better !