E-Cycles - up to 2x faster than Cycles X starting at $1.42/month!

hey Mathieu I just wanted you to know, after waffling about purchasing E-Cycles for a few months, the thing that put me over the edge is your recent contribution back to the Blender source via https://developer.blender.org/D12318. I purchased a license to say merci :slight_smile:


Alexander can you tell me the hardware specs and render time?

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Thank you, it’s important for me to know that doing good goes both ways. If one day the Blender Foundation manages to smartly cooperate with external contributors, I will be happy to fully merge E-Cycles in Blender at the end of the last sold year. Currently, building on lies and threatening the Blender Foundation seems to be working and bringing a lot of money too and if it brings more money than contributing, that side will grow. The decisions you take with your wallet have a real impact on what will flourish in the Blender ecosystem!

512 samples, 27-33 sec. nvidia RTX3090


why making this paid? why not rely on donations? Blender itself is free… mabe im being ignorant, but i wonder… pay for this but not for Blender?

Donations does work way better with a buy button. The ratio is arround 1 : 1000. So yes would love to rely on community donations, but looks like community is not ready for such sustainable model.

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Because people don’t live on love and fresh water…

On Gumroad you get on average 0,043 euro per download.
Based on my experience (23 245 free download).

Blender is free, but not its development. Currently, it is mainly donations from large companies that fund the Blender Foundation.

In addition, blender is already by far the cheapest marketplace.


E-Cycles offers 4x to 8x faster animation denoising and more. Now starting at $20. Launch offer with $100 off on Pro this week!

You can get E-Cycles 2022 now with:

  • AI Animation Denoising and Viewport Light Groups AI Denoising:
  • Builds are now based on Blender 3.0, including Cycles X for state of the art render speed or latest 2.93.5 LTS with high speed and professional grade stability.

  • Denoise all passes:
    Benefit from E-Cycles state of the art denoising quality in all your passes. Allows for very fast
    workflow in complex pipelines. Simply save your work as multi-layer EXRs to get high quality
    images in any application down the line.

  • Copy render slot and overlay render results: You can copy any render to any slot instantly and only re-render a small part of the image while still getting the whole picture.

  • Optimized physical glare: Offers physically correct simulation of the human eye.

  • Very high quality denoising and SSAA for ultra-crisp renders:

  • One click batch-portal creation with perfect alignment:


  • Smart material override : preserves glass, mirrors and correctly detect volumes:

  • Lower noise out of the box in many scenes for up to an additional 2x render speed boost at comparable quality!

  • Copy Render Slot + Light Groups combo:

  • Viewport Light Groups Denoising:

If you are only looking for better rendering speed and to compensate for the crazy GPU prices, you can now get E-Cycles 2022 with up to 2x faster rendering compared to Cycles X, render presets and multi-pass denoising for $20.

For 2021 users all the above features are available for free :slight_smile:

As an existing users you can pre-order your upgrade from any E-Cycles version (including 2019, 2020 and 2021) to E-Cycles Pro + RTX 2022 with 50% off. On the Blender Market you can use the coupon code ec-renewal (please be sure to be logged-in). On Gumroad, you should have received a mail with the coupon. It is also available in your downloads.


How do I migrate my existing installation over from vanilla

Hi, E-Cycles downloads are zipped files, you can unpack it anywhere and use it side by side to Vanilla Blender.

Cheers, mib