Here is my last work called E-life:


I’ve been working on it for 4 days. The rendering took around 20 minutes due to the motion blur calculation for the e-bee wings. All done in blender.

On to the Weekend Challenge now :Z

cool! I like those Ideas with robots and nature :smiley:
Pretty done!

Nice :slight_smile: , good use of DOF

This is what I mean! Very nice use of throw shadows, nice balanced lighting, nice compition, very balanced, nice depth. Simple and effective. Nice work. :smiley:

It is absoulutly fantastic!!!
Dude, can you please explain how did you made the background?
It looks realistic like the camera doos not has a focus cuz’
it is in the background!

This image is great, I really like it. The wings look exacly like a dragonfly in flight.

looks great igor. glad to see you are blending again. maybe you can figure out a way to integrate blender with your movies.

VERY VERY COOL scene. I like the way the light on the head looks like its actually coming through tree branches. How did you achieve that effect?
Also the bg is really nice looking, any tips on how u did that?

Strange. I don’t actually like the background because I think it’s a little too blurred.
I don’t think it should be clear and sharp or anything, I just would have thought a slightly less blurred background would have looked more realistic.

I’m not a photography pro though so maybe this treatment is very realistic. It just doesn’t sit right for me.

Having said that though, I really love the robot and the shadows. Although I’m not a huge fan of the buzzing thing, I am a big fan of the motion blur on the wings.

And I like the tree as well.


Thank you all for your comments. I’m glad you like my pic. :slight_smile:
Here’s quick tut:

1)The background:

Move to camera view. Add -> Plane sized to cover the field of view. Set the material to shadless, full emit, full Ref, no Spec. Go to texture and apply a picture.
About the picture: Take a photograph that looks right with your scene and with the same size and aspect ratio (use photoshop to resize it). Find one on the internet or take it yourself. Open it in photoshop (or Gimp) and apply a gaussian blur with high value (around 13 in this case). Tweak the colors and contrast first.
That’s all. EZ, heh?

2)The light through the canopee (did I spell this right?)

Add a spot aimed at your subject. Add a varonoi texture. In the “map to” section, tweak the color to black. Render to see the size of the light dots. Tweak the size of the varonoi texture in the texture panel until you’ve got something cool.

This is it. Isn’t it easy?
See you all and thanks again for your support. If you ever need help on achieving one of those effects, just feel free to ask even though I doubt you’ll encounter problems with those easy techniques.

really really nice work, i like it a lot!

Congrats! [!]

Came out noce in the end. Well done.

Glad to see you got rid of that halo lamp there too. :wink:


how was the blur on the wings done?

Yea great final result :smiley:

very nice. your picture manages to convey a relaxed mood and almost a story. the background picture and the shadows work well, and most of all, the the e-bee is very cool. …is an e-bee-sting painful?

is an e-bee-sting painful?

It hurts a “bit” but it helps to “byte” down on the pain. :expressionless:

The wings are simple transparent planes. To do a motion blur, just add a key position for the wings in frame one and another on frame 2. Then, in the render panel, press the MBLUR button. I set it to f: 0.23 here.

Man you don’t wanna mess with those e-bees! There stings give you tetanus. Thanks for your pleasant comments, mate.

hhhmm u rock dude but u think you could do more?

What do you mean do more?

sweeet! but i dont think that the background looks quite right…