E-shop question

(macke) #1

Hi Kibbles,

Would it be possible to order baby doll t-shirts? My gf would look silly in the others, besides, baby doll t-shirts is really nice and looks really tight and sexy =D

/me is not gay btw, though sometimes I wish I were…

If you don’t know what I mean by baby doll: http://www.tshirthell.com/shirts/tshirt.php?sku=a114&style=e&color=31&size=3%3A+CHOOSE+A+SIZE

Pink and baby blue would be neat too, but I guess the colour scheme on the pics would really look awkward on a blue/pink t-shirt ;oP

(S68) #2

What I mean by Baby doll is an almost completely transparent very short night ware.

Can’t post links because there are under legal age Blenderers here :slight_smile:


(SKPjason) #3

"me is not gay btw, though sometimes I wish I were… "

When you said that you wished you were… millions of bras around the world were lowered to half mast… women everywhere began to worry they would have to mourn the loss of a powerstud…

(macke) #4

Dude, I never said I would be, just wished for it sometimes ;oP

Anyhow, S68: Isn’t what you describe called something else? Baby something, but not baby doll I think…

(S68) #5

Pretty sure it’s a baby doll (though it is not among my favourite pieces of lingerie), but English’s not my native language :slight_smile: