E-Stings competition

A while back I entered a competition for a TV channel called E4. The competition was to come up with a 10 second animated “Sting”. I didn’t find out about the competition until about two weeks before it was due to close. At first I thought I wouldn’t bother doing anything as I wouldn’t have time. Then I thought… no guts no glory and set to work on a few ideas!

Low and behold I’ve made the shortlist and am still in with a chance of winning a commission from the channel to do more! :smiley: The person who gets the most on-line votes wins!

Of course, I want your vote but there are some other great entries so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

You can view (and vote) for my effort here:


Simple and clear. The sound could use some improvement but for the time you had very nice!

Yep! A friend of mine has got some proper vocal recording gear. Unfortunately he lives about an hour away and we didn’t get the chance to meet up. I had to do this on my lame, cheap PC mic at home. The runners-up prizes are £1,500 to spend on some new gear so if I’m lucky I might be able to afford to buy my own! :slight_smile: