E.T's brother

This is the final version of my monster cause my computer is a little tiered :slight_smile:
i know he don’t have mouth but it’s an extraterrestre so it’s possible he eats with its ass who know :smiley:

Ahahahahahah… Thats hillarious! :smiley:

Really funny character, I think you should work a bit more on textures though…

hehehe, I love it. Really like the placement of the ears!!! Agreed with JOongle on the texturing.

funny, just one crit, the fur from the tail looks like a spray being pressed

He looks pretty cool, but his belly is a little too cubic. His belly button looks kinda strange as well. Look at your own; does it look like that? Probably not. Oh, and one more thing: where is his mouth?

Hehe, this one is really cool. Great character man :D. The scene and render could be improved a lot though.

Heh thats cute. :smiley:
Did you PP the hair later?
and yes the texture needs a little work. (but just a little :wink: )
Otherwise, very nice.

Very funny and a good model .You can improve the hair and the scene.