E-Type Jaguar - Car Render (lighting/materials problem)

I’ve spent about a day on the model so far, getting the lines to flow nicely was probably the biggest hurdle. However, I think the setting up of the final render will be the biggest hurdle! I can’t seem to get a realistic car body feel. The glossy reflections are too “splodgy”. I’m sure some of you have seen this problem before… Any tips? :eyebrowlift:

I’ve attached a diffuse render, the failed glossy test and also my material set up.

Thanks! I’ll see what I can do.

I’m definately not a cycles guru, but I believe you should be mixing a glossy shader and a diffuse shader, not two glossy ones. As it stands, I think you are totally reflecting the world color. I may be wrong on that though. And yes, there are some awesome car paint shaders out there.

You’re right! It was reflecting the overall world color. I’m going to try to resolve this and post some results soon.