E3 2005

Anyone into video games?, well this years E3 starts tomorrow and I am very excited about it.

I think the new zelda looks so cool, what are you guys excited about?

I’m really exited, LOL I havent slept well the past few days just thinking it %|

The new Systems are the main thing for me, NINTENDO: please, NO all-touch screen-controler, PLEASE! :wink:
The new Zelda should rock, too :slight_smile:

actually, e3 starts wednesday the 18th
[that’s two days from now]

… I could be going, but of course that would require a car… [or a ride, or me to check out the bus/rail sytem again [which I’m sure could get me there]]

excited about? I want to see what real stuff we will actually get this year… too often stuff shown at e3 isn’t available until much later

that said, hopefully we will get some details on xbox 360 compatibility and the next playstation and nintendo system.

[it would also be nice if in addition to new graphics somebody gets new gameplay experiences…]


Since I can’t be bothered to type out the entire description, check out www.gamingsteve.com .

Also - the new nintendo.

I’m excited about having 6 models included in a playable demo that will be shown in the Nvidia booth :smiley: I can’t divulge any more than that due to an NDA. But look for the name: Terra Frime: Havoc :wink:

Since I use Blender and it’s game engine, and try to create a game engine on my own, I’m more intrested in such technical stuff.
Right now I’m completely following the developement of the Unreal3 Engine. THe graphics rendered with that engine are outstanding, and still those guys are adding new features new stuff each month.

The engine supports MMORPG, FPS and much more game genres, not just fps like engine2 and with modifications trying to do a MMORPG, but completely a new engine.

Some really early screenshots can be found on: http://www.beyondunreal.com/ they also publishes a few months ago around 4 movies afther the famous movie showing some characters. In those movies they showed a huge city, riding with a raptor trough the streets. A complete ragdoll playground by simply pushing a ball and watch the fun, it goes all automaticly. Shader video, and some another ones. A few weeks ago I also met someone on chat who was on the unreal3 showdown at a party and he saw a video where a guy was standing in a city and suddenly got attacked by those huge creator carying 2 huge rocket launchers.

THis one shows some very crappy photo’s from the E3, but still fun to watch. I can’t wait for those videos be released on the internet about a few days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found this one, showing a 100% complete new realtime video, means that it’s not prerendered in avi or whatever, showed on the E3. If you watch this, you want more, well in my case I do.

Go to this link: http://www.gamespot.com/e3/e3live.html Click the Pplaystation preference video banner, by clicking WATCH THIS, then wait some seconds or minutes, skip to 38 minutes and play from there, watch the fun and the graphics. When you think this was it, they play it again, pause it can give you a quite cool preview by walking around the characters while paused in realtime. Really amazing stuff, seeing the bot his head glowing when he was just hit by some rockets. This is the new look of Unreal Tournament 2007, comming out in end of 2006, but can be later :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, E3 has started, and judging from the pre-show conference, some impressive stuff is being shown.

Personally, I’m a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, and I’ve very excited about the new Zelda and the revolution console. Even though it doesnt claim to be as powerful as PS3 or XBOX 360, the entire catalog of old Nintendo games (from NES to N64) are avaible to download.

I think PS3 is gonna be one heck of a powerhouse, with 2 teraflops of floating point performance, and check out the graphics on some of these games! (all real-time images)

Getaway 3


Killzone 2

Check out these games in action, they look even better!

yeah… im a nintendo guy… im gonna remain as calm as possi ble here (but what im thining: F*CKIG ZELDA YEAH!!! PS3 NOT GONNA BE NEARLY AS COOL AS REVOLUTION OR XBOX 360(xbox live. halo. just please tell them not to screw up halo 3) REVOLUTION YEAH!!! ZELDA YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!(i could post the 500 or so more pages of ranting, but iknow someone would get pissed.) cant wait for zelda… gonna go watch the first trailer now. bye

well I do have difficulty to believe that the xbox 360 or anything else around will be able to compete with the power of the PS3…I mean…a single cell is praticly way more powerfull than a 3 3.2ghz processors eheh…and the images from the games shown above just show it!

I personally don’t have any favorite console for the moment (tho I’m leaning toward the ps3)…

but I’m TRULY waiting for more Quake 4 pics :smiley:

yeah but ps3 willl be really expensive (somewhere around $500) so its out of my budget :frowning: im waiting for more info about revolution but xbox360 looks to be the best so far

hmm and you think that 3x 3,2ghz processor won’t cost as much? lol…

maybe I’m wrong…and sorry if I am…but I believe the prices of each console will be about the same…like every time some new console appear on the market…

I read that the PS3 and XBox360 will each run about $400 USD on launch. No word yet on the price of the Revolution, but I’m guessing it’ll be a bit less costly than its competitors.

As for myself, I know I’ll get the Revolution the day it comes out (but which color? hmmm…:P). I’ll probably get a PS3 after it drops in price a bit. No MS anything in my house. :smiley: In other words, it’ll be a repeat of the last launch cycle for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only one there that was real-time is the Getaway one, but even that isn’t at all a game, so it looks better then it probably would.

That KillZone 2 stuff is BS-100%-Pre-Rendered. So was basicly everything else shown at $ony’s conference, really mad me angry LOL
The only things that where FOR-REAL was that Duck buisness, the Vortex of leaves, the Explosion, Boxing, and the Unreal Engine 3 cinema. but their just tech-demos.
As far as ACCUAL GamePlay, there was only two, Insomniac’s(sp?) War game and GranTurismo, they looked amazing, and very promising, but to be honest, nothing better then what was seen on XBox 360, but again there was very little to see as far as ACCUAL GamePlay for both systems.

In the end, $ony threw one, large Smoke-Cloud :wink:

The PS3 is supposed to run at 2 TFlops, but I heard that XBox 360 is supposed to be 1 TFlop, sorry if I’m wrong about that :expressionless:

Just rember these things about E3:
If it runs at 25fps: it’s Pre-rendered, or SPAM.
If it runs Really Choppy: It’s a Game, but don’t expect it to be much like the final version.
If it runs at 60fps: Congrats, it’s a real game, bi-atch.

The only one there that was real-time is the Getaway one, but even that isn’t at all a game, so it looks better then it probably would.[/quote]

Well for so far I saw, the unreal tournament 2007 one was realtime showoff too. THey played the realtime movie first, afther that they played it again, paused it and they showed it was realtime by moving around like a walktrough game scene.
Also the high resolution screenshots are not prerendered, you can clearly see the anti alliasing turned off. But sure those games look better on there machines then they would proberbly on your own pc. But it’s possible to run them on the same quality and performance, but then you need one of the quite good pc’s of today, and Nvidia said that the Nvidia 3D card SLI runs this engine lagless, and a amd dual processor and dual ram would be no problem. But what the hack, I wait 1 year afther the release, buy a new pc and the game, and all have it for 50% less then over 18 months.

The new Zelda looks really great, I may have to buy a GameCube + Zelda next year.

Also I will probably buy one of the next gen consoles, but that will most likely be either PS3 or Revolution, playing all the old nintendo games would rock! But I’m a big grand theft auto fan so I will definately go for the console that has GTA.

i hear DS is going to get a make over…i hope soon…did u guys watch the E3 video of Nintendo, and that DJ David Holland guy, was using 2 DS’ to compose some music with Electroplankton, and mean, his stuff wasn’t all that cool, but looking at him do it was cool. I wanna do that now…

Always been a Nintendo Person, and I am SO excited about the Revelution and the new Zelda/Mario games that will be released. You can think of me as an idiot, or a kid or whatever, but I love the DS and cant wait for, sigh, the NEW Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing DS to come out. I don’t really mind if the revelation has a touch screen controller, as it would (in theory) allow any game at all to be blayed (by simulating any of the consoles controllers) even though I think they will not be taking this route… The only think I think will make them suffer this year, is by making the old downloadable games cost money to get (I mean, who doesn’t know what ROMs and emulators are nowadays?) and I think it will be a big breakthrough to finally add support for DVD’s and other electronic Media with it’s release*. I personally cannot wait. This system will be on my wish list until it comes out! (from all this Nintendo Jabbering, you can probably realize that I will not be buying any of the other consoles… lol :smiley: … BTW, do you think the GBA-Micro is overkill? I think they might have been pushing it over the top, but still, look how COOL it looks!

*With a separate (cheap) add-on

PS: Power to NINTENDO, help them to crawl out of the hole they fell into within the last years!

the “revolution” is the size and shape of a desktop cdrom

how can I not be excited?

ps3 stuff looks pretty good… if it can be done real time and with not a large increase in production costs…

I watched some E3 footage, and they said that the PS3 videos are either rendered realtime with people backstage playing the game, or are done “to-spec”, which I think means that the video is pre-rendered, but the console will be able to handle it in real time after development is finished. Right now, I’m really liking how PS3’s looking. From what I’ve heard about the cell processor it’s supposed to be extremely good.


Yea, the PS3 stuff is pre-rendered…they said they “expect” the PS3 to have that good of graphics when it’s done…in other words, they are gonna be doing some down-tuning on the graphics before it’s released.
The cell chip is for the physics and actions, so it’s not gonna be a graphic improvement for the PS3.

So after Sony decides to come out and show what the PS3 will actually be able to handle, the only console I’ll have is the Xbox 360.