EA Conspiricy

Tss… those guys at EA are really freakin me out… I came up with an idea of a god-game… half a year later EA announces Black & White, actually very much resembling my ideas… later, I come up with an rpg and launch it under the name “between good and evil”. A year and a half later I heard of a new game coming out … and yes named “between good an evil”. A year back I started out with my new concept… I though, wow, this is gonna be really cool if I could do this like… I called it Project evolution. Now, a year later I read about the new game of EA, announced at the E3, Spore… A near EXACT copy of my idea. Near EXACT. This is getting really scary, seriously, I feel freaked out…

Black & White is Peter Molyneux’s baby, he was doing god-based games WAY before that.


I wouldnt doubt that they are reading your thoughts, Capitalists will do anything for profit. :-?

I have a saying for this phenomenon that I came up with years ago and seems to hold.

“Whenever you come up with an idea, someone else at the same time has also come up with the same exact idea. It’s just a matter of who puts the work into the idea to get it out first.”

Now that I understand the phenomenon more, I can explain why that is. To use a cliche, ideas are a dime a dozen. Everyone comes up with ideas. Most ideas have already been thought of over a thousand times already. The thing that matters the most is the work that you put into taking that idea and making something of it that will benefit society. Those are the people that should get the credit, and the money.

To go off on a tangent, this is EXACTLY why idea-based patents piss me off. You’ve seen those commercials where people say, “That was my idea! I should have gotten a patent!” They have an idea and feel entitled to getting loads of money, and have someone else do the hard work to get their ideas to work. Idea-based patents are, in my opinion, the result of people that want to make money without actualy doing any work.

Back on topic, what you explained happens all the time to everyone. So, when you come up with an idea for a game, and then release it, people will feel the same way about your game as well.

I came up with an idea a long time ago for a round thing I called a Wheel, Someone got it out on the market before me, I was so pissed.

back in 1999-2000 I wrote a game in visual basic about some kamikaze attacking new-york with airplanes…the goal was to prottect the twin tower from being hit by the airplanes…and in 2001 a gang of moron stole my idea and did it for real…I was sooo pissed off.

…ideas are thought everywhere…at everytime…again and again and again…God story and stuff like that are pretty common all around the world…a game about God had to go out in the market one day or another…a game between good and evil…same thing… ok might be strange to come out with the same exact name…but who cares it’s coincidence…and take it the right way…if EA came up with the same idea and made millions out of it…then your idea was quite good :wink: Just keep on working, and one day you’ll be the one leading a game developpement!


I have a saying for this phenomenon that I came up with years ago and seems to hold.

It’s called the hundredth monkey theory:


Wonder if it has anything to do with the amount of forum monkeys?


Maybe you should sue Osama bin laden, Or kill him. LOL.

Maybe you should sue Osama bin laden, Or kill him. LOL.[/quote]

Ecks’ new Net Worth: 25 Million USD.

Congratulations, now where’s my cut?

I never liked Peter Molyneux games