EA made a game so bad it's literally damaging hardware

Reports show their new game Anthem has such poorly done code it can act like a computer virus.

This is more than just crashing, this is crashing to the point where the game console can actually get damaged and become unusable. The reports also seem to indicate it’s happening to PC’s as well.

I have to hand it to EA, it takes an incredible amount of skill to make a game that might actually be worse than Big Rigs Over the Road Racing (at least that game was just broken and didn’t act like malware). :scream:

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On E3 2018 this game was seemed to be dangerously good. Dangerously because i actualy was hyped for another game (F76).

It’s kinda sad. Anthem looks nice but as soon EA is involved it seems they rush every game half year before it’s ready. Even sadder is that people keep buying games that EA publish.

I am guessing that they hired web developers as game developers :slight_smile: The hr department did not realize that web developers do not give a sheet about optimization!

My guess is that all the people who made Bioware Bioware have long since left, and what we currently have is EA HR department, who has no passion or understanding for games, hiring to cash in on existing IP and reputation.

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I’m all for capitalism, but pleasing stockholders over pleasing customers is bad business. You probably have a bunch of suits in a boardroom who have no clue how games should be made; all they care about is the bottom line and how much of a money suck the company can be. Sad really – Bioware was one of the best until EA showed up.

Capitalism just means other people ultimately decide value of your work, and the exchange of your work for money is voluntary on the both sides. It has absolutely nothing to do with big, anti-consumer corporations. For every one big anti-consumer corporation, there are hundreds of ones that do really good service to people. Let’s not drag politics into it.

The fact EA ruins game franchises has nothing to do with the political system of the US, and has everything to do with the way EA is led. The explanation is simple: EA is a money making company, not a game company. Their priority number #1 is to make money, not having happy customers or making good games. But at least you can vote with your wallet… thanks to capitalism :wink: Just imagine a theoretical horror of a state owned gaming company…

EDIT: Regarding the article - Where exactly is any mention of an actual hardware damage? All I see are mentions of a hard freeze requiring power down reset, but I haven’t found anything about some kind of irreversible hardware damage. It’s similar to when your PC locks up without BSOD, and only way to reset it is either reset button or holding down power button. Then the next time you boot up, you get choice to boot in safe mode. That’s kind of what happened to those PS4s, but no actual irreversible damage.

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I should have worded it differently I suppose. Politics have nothing to do with what I was intending to say other than corporate politics. :slight_smile:

As for your other point: I think we are in agreement there.

Yep. My point was just that the dreaded shareholder pleasing over consumer pleasing is not direct consequence of political arrangement, but, at least in the current arrangement, a free choice. You can freely choose if you want your company to stay private and go public. And once it goes public, you can again freely choose if you want to primarily please shareholders or your customers :slight_smile: I associate capitalism with the freedom of choice, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame it for when the people make the bad choices, let’s blame those people instead :slight_smile:

Yes – I was blaming shareholders, not a political system.

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Not in that article specifically, but a quick Google search shows otherwise (it was actually one of the suggested searches).

Hmmm… again, not a single one of the results on the first page talks about permanently damaged PS4. There was one reddit post of some random guy claiming he had to flash some PS4 recovery firmware to get PS4 booting back up, but that’s just one person. And even that would not mean a damage to the hardware itself.

Something that would damage the hardware, must be done on purpose. It’s really hard to accidently cause hardware damage. What langauge did they use, assembly?

it isn’t damaging it, it’s putting the hardware AT RISK of damage.

There’s a small difference there

When companies are quoted on the stock exchange … they must satisfy their shareholders at all costs … with proclamations etc …
because they have to keep their value high … when things start getting complicated, they rush their producers … and everything goes to hell … I’ve seen this happen many times.
especially in the last few years, where finance and the real world of companies, each travel on their own and buying and selling stocks on the stock exchange has become more a game of chance than a means of investment …
Sooner or later we should look at the reality of this system.

I agree. The stock market is mostly based on speculation first, reality second (or later). When a company goes public to get an infusion of cash… a legitimate and sometimes necessary thing in order to grow the business… they are turning their entire operation over to the highest bidder; the stockholders with the most amount of shares get to call the shots, and they may have no clue what is involved with the basics of the business… in the case of EA, the stockholders only look at the bottom line and not what makes a great game. I’m generalizing but you get the idea.

Look at what happened to Micheal Dell, who started his company in his college dorm room. He basically had to buy back his own business once the stockholders decided he was no longer needed.

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I would dare to say that it is more or less what happens even with social networks , for individuals towards their follorer,or for the star system …
and also the royal kingdoms and their subjects.

It first loads you full of energy and lets you surf the wave of success,
If you do not satisfy the collective demiurge by feeding it more and more, it will abandon you and remain without a soul.
"Gods and Followers " who are both worshipers and executioners.

there is the same philosophy in these examples of comparison …
it’s a game where you never win in the end.

someone in some other thread cited ziggy stardust wisely.

Alan Moore in his documentary the mindscape of alan moore has clearly explained how these phenomena work …

before the radios, the televisions and of course the internet, a famous man, a public man, a king, reached a maximum of 1000 -2000 people of “followers” and had to be very smart to support them …

In the 900’s and even more in the second half of the 900’s, and more and more today people who have no strength to support easily reach a fleet of followers … and then fall easily in the use of drugs and other subterfuges to hold and to end do not hold up …

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