Eagle Born: Flight Demo Files

alright guys, heres what you guys have been asking for, a flight model. in a nutshell there is no AI and there are no physics but this is what i could throw together for right now. If you want to add real world physics then by all means, please do but at least let me know what you did and post it back here.

List of things to do with flight model:
Realistic Physics
AI w/realistic physics




Flight Model.blend (1.59 MB)

How do you get to the A.I.?

I suggest shrinking everything down to 1/10th the size it is in the current build. You are building on a gigantic scale and I don’t think it’s going to work out if it’s that big. Also, add a slow parent to the camera so people can actually see what they are doing.

wait, a slow parent? how do i do that?

Go into the object panel in the property panel and find Animation Hacks. There should be a slow parent option, select it and adjust the value.

alrighty, the new file is up and in the first post. it haas the slow camera like laxwolf reccomended, not bad. not bad at all.


hello all, i am in a little bit of a problem. you see i’ve added the AI and it kind of works (no you can’t shoot him down yet, but here’s why) I’ve se tthe AI to always move on the Y axis local (like a plane always moves forward, right?) so i set it to follow if the player is close, but, it doesn’t work :frowning: can someone check it out and see why? i’ll be most grateful :slight_smile:

the new flight model file is up, however the AI is weird. I know how to do python (the basics as in variables classes functions dictionarys lists, etc.) however, i got lost. I want the AI to use the actuators when tracking the player. help please?

In guns only air combat you need to roll your plane lift vector to the enemy direction and pull/turn hard enough to get a gun solution.

The gun solution in air combat is a very dynamic issue, meaning anything between a head-on shot, high angle snap shot to the dead six shot.

Add to above a available weapon/s ballistic/s, attitude at shooting and combat altitude…

Put a modeling a side and start finally studding a bit.
A python, AI theory, a flight mechanics, guns only air combat tactics & etc.

Your asking plenty of help for your ‘solo’ project here…

it’s a solo project nonetheless. i’m just not familiar with python coding is all…

There’s a reason for everything. Wonder why the flight games/sims are rare…

man has always dreamed of flying :smiley: plus i wanted this to be a surprise for my uncles who are veterans of the air force during desert storm so, not only for glory but for my family :slight_smile:

flight dynamics model requires a ton of math calculations plus the fact that atmosphere and clouds and volumetrics of space and weather. live AI guns and BVR tactics in space, not too damn realistic i only want them to be realistic enough.
Weapons ballistics and damage model = collision in the logic editor.

and voss? nope. like i said, i’v ebeen flying solo on this project for about 2 months now.

Sorry If I sound harsh, but I need to challenge you a bit more.

‘…to be realistic enough.’
Compared to what? Aces High II, Mig Alley, Flanker2.0/Falcon 4.0 or ???

Your original game idea is covering a very long time span, concerning the air-combat in terms of planes, weapons & tactics.

realistic enough as in not quite Aces high or mig alley, certainly not hawx 2, but more of a lock on or ace combat realistcism. i hav ebeen researching tactics used in a dogfight from all of the eras i’m putting in eagle born.

Hey all sorry about the conversation that quickly broke in the thread, anyhow, i’ve been working on this for quite some time now and i’m still having the problem of the AI. Every time it tracks the player it twitches along it’s Z axis very strangely. I’ve tried everything but nothing has worked. How do i get it to stop twitching and actually go into smoother turns?

Not sure about the AI - but recommend setting slow parent to something like 50.

If you ever want to make it a team project, I’d be happy to help. I love airplanes.

EDIT: I figured the AI problem out. The enemy is currently on tracking on a 2D axis - it won’t track up or down. To fix this, click the ‘3D’ toggle button on the Track-To actuator.

Took me a while to figure it out.

oh i just noticed that and changed the timer and now it works! thank you so much :slight_smile: