Eagle Scout/Wasp (noob)

This is my first creative blender model, Ive been working on it in bits and pieces for about a week and I think Ive got the main shape about right for how I want it, however, the wings look really inanimate, they’re supposed to be mechanical but they just look fixed and wrong somehow, any ideas?



One without the volumetric halo;

I still have alot of details and stuff to add but one thing I know I want to do is put a seam around where the cockpit is, how can I do this to the subsurf mesh?


Great Model! Could we see some wires please?

Try putting three edgeloops close together and scale the inner one down a bit. If the seam does not show strong enough you might have to use the crease edge function.

the wings are too straight, but the model is not nooby at all, and that halo is neat too! also, the length of the “feathers” is too uniform.

I agree with +‘´¯)BonE(¯`’+ about the feathers, they look too stiff and straight, but otherwise the model is great. Keep it up =)

Thanks for the replys, I think youre right about the feathers, they should bend more and maybe have more irregularity.

A couple of wireframe models;


Need to do some reading about edge loops and stuff, Im not used to the way Blender does things yet but ill get there.


How many polygons does it have?

At the moment I think its about 180k. Ive got the seam around the cockpit done, used knife subdivide. More pics soon.


A new pic; http://www.ejtech.org/users/Moriquendi/Pic11sm.png


that is one clean original model. hats off. or bandana, if I’d still wear either one that is… no need when you finally cut ones hair…
nice, clean geometry, and original. top notch.

Great model and lighting!

Thanks, the lighting was just to give a bit of atmosphere, it wasnt intended to be final, I dont know what kind of scene I’m going to put in in eventually. When you say clean model do you mean reasonable poly count or just free of artifacts?


Edit: New pic.

This is VERY origanal and i was wondering is that the real color or are you going to add textures or anything?
I like the lighting good job it looks really great like a mythical creature.

Im just starting to add some colour now, I have no experience of materials and textures in blender so it will take quite a while for me to get the look Im after, and I dont quite know what look Im after yet. The grey was supposed to be just for contrast while I built the model but it seems to be growing on me.


Great model. If you are going for realizim with your scene, you could just take a photograph of a landscape, (city, mountain, valley, etc.) and place your model in the middle of it.

i mean both of them

Cool, I dont know what other people consider a reasonable poly count. Here are the latest pics.http://www.ejtech.org/users/Moriquendi/Pic29sm.png




i love this model, its just pure coolness (is that even a word?!) but sombody, please move it to the gallery or somthing!!

You’ve got a nice start at an original ship design. Good work. I think the problem you are having with the wings is that they look too much like organic wings, which should have curves, since they don’t, they look inanimate, rather than mechanical. Not sure I have any ideas on how to fix it, other than to suggest that you try for a more mechanical look to them. Perhaps some vertical projections as on airplane wings? Maybe attach a spoiler type structure? Anyway, they need to read as mechanically designed wings, and right now they read as actual wings that are too rigid.

This model looks better and better each time I see it. Great work!!! Keep it up, it is inspiring!

Thanks for all the kind comments. Here are the latest pics: