Eagle War


C&C welcome

wow, that’s very nice! More angles plz! rigged?

I love the green ‘chinks’ in his armor., and the hair is fantastic. Maybe some textures on the swords? Fantastic design.

Woh :o
the hair bends a bit unnature

I love the reflections on that armour.

looks like a horus guard off of STARGATE…is it based on it or what?
very cool. :smiley:

the head would be better if it was bigger
and I don’t know how he uses those swords, it would be better if the swords would stay same only be a little more straight…

But maybe show us some more angles…

Excellent render. You definitely need to rig it and get it into a decent pose.


Thats looks awsome! Reminds me of the Predator. Cant wait to see more angles.


coolio. Very original.

thanks for the comments dewds, I’ll post more angle shots later when I have me coffee :smiley:

Cativo: nope its not rigged :expressionless: but I did try though

Timmah: actually yes I did get the eagle head from Feng’s concept of horus guard.

BgDM: yep I definitely need to learn rigging I modeled it witout even thinking how im gonna rig it :|, the only thing that rigged is the hair :slight_smile:

The modeling is excellant, good job on everything

Me like!!

Wow, very nice!

hey nice model dude. interesting thing you did with the materials.

Thats looks cool, I like it!!

Great job, more camera views?

Lovely model!, as for some suggestions, erm the hair? is a little unrealistic and perhaps give the swords a slight shine / tint ? But that’s just me thinking to things to change, very impressive. Gives newbies such as myself something to aim for,

Fantastic picture. Please, you paste more picture.

how… what amazing model… Greate ! :o