Eagle's Bridge (animated GIF)

Heiya everyone!
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working once again on creating some sorta of oil-painted within Cycles, just as I did with La Rue D’automne artwork*.
This time I went further and moved over an even more fantasy subject: a castle emerging from the sky’s above with some fancy red-banner, a bridge and a girl and an eagle.

(Zoomed in view)

(Full view)

My dear friend and colleague Luca De Felice also worked with me in the making of a looping GIF!
He took care about the animations while I rendered and composited the frames into an actual GIF.

(It can maybe takes some time to load the GIF, as even if heavily reduced, it was still quite big for a GIF!)

C&C are welcome as usual! : )


*(to anyone which is interested into this kind of renders, this is a “Beyoind the scenes” article about the workflow I’m using while working on oil-painted style artworks! --> https://www.blendernation.com/2019/03/01/behind-the-scenes-le-rue-dautomne/ )


nice work !!!