Eames Chair in progress

Here is my Eames lounge chair for Kendall College of Art and Design, in progress.


I see you started a 3rd thread on this.

bellr10KCAD where are the other 2 threads that zanz is talking about, I d like to see them. or wait…

I ll comment on it, that is what you are asking us to do right? and that is what these forums are for right? its looking good. I think the base stand of the chair needs to be scaled up a bit. for the angle that you are showing it looks a little small. but it might just be the angle. deont for get the buttons. they are pretty easy to do. let me know if you need any help.

genawjKCAD thanks for the comments and offer. zanz, just so you are aware, we are part of a college program using blender. So you will see many threads with the last 4 letters being KCAD, that’s are college. We are instructed to post our projects here to get feedback and ask for help if we are running into problems. So this isn’t a 3rd thread, it’s my first for my project.

The students start their own threads about their work.

Doh, I didn’t even notice. It’s nice to see college programs using Blender! Overall the parts of the chair seem too thin to me (not the padding). Try making the mesh smooth also will make it look better. You have some strange deformation going at the bottom of the arm rest. Also, the head rest is just floating there and not attached to the rest of the chair. Hope this helps.