Ear Reddening Render

This is my latest render. Not much to it, just a little something for fun. You can read more about this specific game of go and famous move (the ear-reddening move) here. I have a modified render with a title I was intending to use as a wallpaper here. Hope you like it!

This is a really impressive render. What engine did you use to render this?

Thanks, glad you like it! Sorry, I forgot to mention it, it’s Cycles :slight_smile:

The picture looks good and has nice warm tone to it.
Just way too much dof in my opinion but otherwise great picture :slight_smile:

The title is misleading, but the render is nice. Love to see a version with less DOF. A lot less.

Thanks! I might try a render with less DOF. I was working from a photo reference:

Thanks! LOL, I know what you mean, no pun was intended (sort of). Of course, it refers to the ear-reddening game. I’ll prolly try less DOF.

Wow man thats kinda crazy how spot on that is with the photo. Just a few minor differences. Notice I said differences and not incorrectness! this is impressive stuff…simple but right on:)

Happy Blending:)

Oh wow nice! I guess that’s taken with pretty large aperture.
Compared to the reference your render has what ever is going on at the background clipped off, black piece’s glossyness is rougher and you only have one big plane as the light source - whereas as the reference has more light sources and thus more reflections going on? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment. Yes, if I had to bring it closer to the reference pic, that’s what I’d do, I agree. Not sure how much more I need to work on it, tho :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

Great render! Low depth of filed actually adds to its realism (aaaand, the photograph proves it)

The render is very nice, and I think the Focus is just fine. Photographers spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase lens with huge apertures, and here random people tell you they don’t like it (as they always do with me too). A narrow focus can be a trick to achieve in real life, and there’s no reason whatsoever for you to avoid it here. Even if it were not realistic, I believe your ultimate goal as an artist is not to imitate real life, but rather to create something beautiful (and possibly similar to what we see) thus play with the render to get what you like, and don’t let others mandate your artistic choices.
Good luck, and keep up the great work!

Wow, you make great points! Thanks for all your input on this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment! Using such obvious DOF is a first for me. It took a while to get used to it, because in my mind I kept thinking that it makes the image so blatantly CG. The workings of the brain can be so tricky :slight_smile:

Great render for the great gaame!

It would be interesting showing the move in some way. Perhaps making it move as Euler Disc (the way a disc of metal rotates endless until it stops) and making a motion blur of the shot.

I love it!