[$][Early Access] Blender Multitouch Gesture Navigation Control Addon

Before I start, I would like to thank const for helping me with this on an earlier thread. And also CoDEmanX for his answer appearing every time I google anything blender related.

Blender Multitouch Gesture Navigation Control Addon (early access)

Hey you! Yeah you! Do you like doing 2d animation in grease pencil. But do you yearn for navigating the canvas using multitouch gesture similar to the likes of Krita, Concepts and Leonardo!

Well now you are in luck!

Introducing Blender Multitouch Control Addon!


With this addon you can control your navigation from perspective view and camera view.

Or you can set to control the camera position for same purpose or for animation!

Please keep in mind the Addon is still in development!

(Touch enabled tablet screen is recommend, tested on cintiq pro, windows with Blender 2.8, LINUX IS NOT TESTED)

Getting started:

  • Install the python file in blender.
  • Press Start server
  • Start the .exe file that will serve as a layer
  • Start Connection
    • First start touching the Focus box in centre to make sure the connection is working,
    • The Focus box will then minimize to the side when it detects pen movement, touch the focus box again to maximize it full screen

Buy it here!:


  • Implement Orbiting feature
  • Receive Feedback
  • Optimization(?)
  • Add a “server is on” mechanic
  • Android Layer App release

December 26 Log:

First release

May 11 Log :
Alpha 2 release

Added Orbiting feature and android sideapp
fixed panning


Very nice to see it, was waiting for touchscreen navigation for years

Will it work for 3D too? Like sculpting + navigation. (The best touchscreen navigation for modeling I saw is in NomadSculpt on android/ipad)

Thank you,

I am sorry but currently it is only setup for 2d navigation instead of 3d.
Navigation in the perspective view does allow for a forward and backward movement but the “orbiting in 3d” is yet to be implemented.

This is of course the next thing in my roadmap list. Ill be updating it to reflect this.

I have uploaded a trailer, an extensive tutorial is coming soon!

Awesome! Waiting for the future release then :smiley:

New Alpha 2 release! : Check this out

@Roman.Zhu :smiley:

Any chance this could work for use with Astropad Studio which allows me to mirror my Macbook Pro onto my iPad where I can use the screen?

Unfortunately I dont have an macbook or an ipad to test it on. Nor am I familiar with Astropad though I heard Astropad’s magic gesture works with blender.

Ill see if I can export it for Mac.