Early Crusader

Hey Guys,

I am here to share with you my last 2 days of modeling fun…
I am working on this Crusader and I hope to achieve a quite interchangable model at the and with gear and clothing I can add or remove as I will.

When I am done I will bake my guy on a lower poly mesh - that will be a Challange for me - and maybe use it in one of my countless Projects :slight_smile:

Obviously there is still a lot to do… I have not touched his Face at all (other than slapping a probably not-free-to-use-texture on it), and some of his gear is quite raw aswell…

I made a few elements just like these shoulder guards, but I didnt want them on my base model - They dont fit in visually and in terms of the time period, as I believe.

As you can see it is quite High Poly right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind regards