early days

any thoughts?? one of the first things ive maneged to finsih.


Everything looks good. You achieved a pretty nice paper/cardboard effect on the cards. The shadows are a bit harsh maybe, and on the card box you could add some signs of wear and tear.

Everything is nice.Just improve the lighting a bit or improve the shadows

looks nice.
the texturs look really nice but
is it normal that the cards on the right looks square?
What is the border for?

cheers the feed back, i did play around with light in the later stages but i found the light was either just to dark to far intense, same with shadows, any way to get round this?

The shadow under the bottom left corner of the Ace of Spades looks a bit rough. Did you save the image file within Blender, or capture the entire screen. Saving within BLENDER is much better.