Early hair sculpt

So I have been watching tutorials for several hours and found out a good bit of stuff…

But I am definitely not happy with what I did with the hair, still not bad for my first marathon session of sculpting. all constructive criticism is welcome. though I should say the base model was made with make human.



First of all great job so far! Hair is definitely one of the hardest things to model/sculpt.

I believe what can make this hair look better is by studying… bear fur. Or any animal fur. Human tend to have thinner hair in comparison to our animals companions so no matter what hair type we have, it always starts drooping right from the root.

But if you look at bear fur right here

You can see that they clump together and start stick out. When they start facing another direction, they do so gradually. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t stray hairs or messy patches. Just because you’re making a human, doesn’t mean you have to abide by human rules.

Having a thicker base and more hair will help, but I personally would try to see how you can a really strong base with like, 4 meshes and then use smaller strands (both height and width) to compliment them.

Hope this helps and keep up the good work!