Early Mornin Gamin

I made this for our game POLE its a render you see at the start of the game!

Heres the link to the free demo if anyone wants to try it! https://iuvenisstudios.itch.io/pole


Did you model all the pebbles by hand?

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Its actually supposed to be carpet hahaha! But yeah I modeled a piece of carpet and then used a particle system to spread it out!

I like the vibe, camera angle and lighting.

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Thanks dude! Make sure to check out the demo Haha!

Ver Good, what about the depressions on the wall, hand modeled?
Is that beer?

Just a normal map. Its not beer its soda haha!

Whaaat!? How is that not beer. Oh well.

What about that console, was that hand modeled?
I’m new to all this so I’m curious.
Plz forgive me.

No yeah dude no prob. Yeah it was modeled by hand. Sometimes people will use stuff other people make but I only really do that with textures since I am lazy hahaha. Its a pretty simple model actually. Here is the wireframe.

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oh wow!

Didn’t know you could do this in blender!

Does substance work well with blender?

(I saw the folder called Allegorithmic in the pic)

I just realized that and changed the image cause I didnt mean to share my files haha! But yeah you can use it with that. I just use it to make textures so its not too fancy haha.

Makes sense, nice nice.

What kind of games do you like?

Mostly platformers and stuff. I like Mario but this game is much harder than most Mario games haha! I am happy to see that you seem very passionate about CG!

Oh, definitely!

I really wish POLE were an anime, the characters would be so cool!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I love this one! Easy and clean!

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Yeah dude that would be cool!

Thank you so much!

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Thanks dude! Yeah thats kind of what I had in mind haha!