Early Morning vs Late Night to work on CG

What time works best for you to get work done? Most of the artist or programmer people I know tend to work late at night. (So do most college students I know) I choose to work early in the morning. I see pros and cons to both time slots.

Nighttime pros:

You can work for longer(If you’re on a roll, you can stay up later, and keep your momentum to get some good progress. less sleep that night can be a con)

Since you don’t have to go to work at X O Clock, you can relax a little knowing that your time doesn’t have to be monitored as much, and you can focus more on getting your work done.

From what I read, (could be wrong) people are at their creative peak at night vs other times of the day)

Its easier to stick to your creative schedule, being that you can come home from your day job, get your household/Family stuff done, and start working. Vs the morning people who may be tempted to sleep for “just a little longer”

If you like having a brewed beverage (in moderation) while you do creative stuff, now is a decent time to enjoy one.

If there is a fun activity at night, choosing to do so will not interfere with your sleep schedule.

Nightime Cons:

Staring at a computer screen at night makes it harder to sleep.

If you need to get up earlier for life reasons, your sleep schedule is thrown off, which could compound.

If your on a roll, and stay up later to keep the momentum going, that can throw off your sleep schedule, or lead to insomnia.

I find its harder to get to sleep after having a lot going on mentally.

Caffeine although may help your night productivity, can lead to insomnia if consumed closer to bedtime.

Since you had a long day, there is the temptation to turn your brain off, and do fun/relaxing activities instead of working.

You never see the sun.

Morning Pros:

If you wake up at the same time every morning, you will have a better sleep schedule, which is healthier.

You can enjoy a coffee while you work.

Less desire for fun/relaxing activities, allowing you to work more freely.

Waking up when its dark, and seeing the sunrise is nice.

If life calls you to do something early in the morning, you can easily get there and do it without interfering with your sleep schedule.

If you must catch up on sleep, you can easily do so by skipping your CG work for today in order to get back on a healthy sleep pattern without compounding your tiredness.

Morning Cons:

There is the temptation to sleep for “Just a little longer” which disrupts your creative schedule.

You have to deal with morning stuff, such as making breakfast. Or if you push breakfast off until later, you may forget, and feel bad later (Especially if you drink coffee on an empty stomach)

You have a time limit looming before you, in that at some point you have to start getting ready for work.

If you are on a roll creatively, you must choose to stop it, or continue for “just a little longer” and risk being late for work if you don’t get ready in time.

In order to work in the morning, one must get to bed early, which means you miss out on a lot of stuff, or if your job gets out late, you must transition from work mode to sleep mode fairly quickly.

Side note:

I find that daytime working doesn’t work that great. (mostly due to having a day job) But on days off, working in the day has too many distractions, as well as the mental aspect of "The sun is out, I should be doing something else besides sitting inside at the computer)

Those are my thoughts. What does everyone else think?

For me, nighttime is for rendering. Morning is for working. I get my best work done between 9:00am - Noon.

I’m the same as Atom really. especially when I need to render animations I tend to try and get most work done in the morning/daytime and then render at night.

of course that would probably only apply to people who “need to render” their stuff. like if you work in PS/GIMP or any program that doesn’t actually take up hours of render time then you can work day and night. (that’s the main reason I like 3D art: you get time off while your computers render:eyebrowlift2:)

in morning got clearer mind - easier to solve math problems

but at night on some day I can get inspiration and I go and can do more work in 2 hours then 1/2 day !

happy bl

Definitely the morning.

Having suffered insomnia the past year, I now switch off all machines at 10:30 pm and begin to wind down. I usually wake up around 6:30 am and find I have a good hour or two spare before I head off to work. Although it means less time in the evenings, it does mean that my evenings are solely for relaxing and winding down.

What are these “times” you speak of? Wake up, get adderol and coffee, work, sleep when the stimulants run out, try to get someone to remind you to eat food somewhere in the middle.

I tend to find both good… I work on personal projects first thing in the morning 5am 'til 9 but I don’t do that everyday…

i go to work and do 3d/2d art all day… I unwind a little so usually between 6pm and 9 pm if I don’t have a work deadline I’ll relax or do something energetic and physical something not on a computer… and in teh evenings often work on personal projects from ten pm until 2 or 3 in the morning…

Quite often I only sleep 3-4 hours if I’m into something… but then again I often don’t do any personal projects for weeks at a time to recover…

when i was freelance I’d often have downtime between jobs so would work on personal stuff 9-5 and then do teh late night session 10-2am

the only way I stay sane is to make sure I get lots of excercise and to be “c’est la vie” about my personal projects by taking breaks from them.

I have lots of hobbies that aren’t computer based too… otherwise i really would be “a dull boy”!

I usually do just as K Horseman told, and if you consider that my ‘natural’ time to sleep is around 6 in the morning… your question does not make sense in my case, night is my day.


I have times where I get a lot done during daylight hours, and times where I get a lot done after dark. I tend to do more work after dark (not just 3D, but music and writing, too) but I seem to make more progress during the day. It’s weird, and I can’t really explain it. I usually have a sudden urge to work on a project between about 10 AM and 2 PM, for some reason; but I still end up doing most of my work at night.

I go for the sensible option; whether it is the time I produce my ‘best work’ or not. That is, I’ll work 8:30 - 6pm with a healthy lunch in the middle.

The idea is that a regular routine will impact the other factors in your life - your health, your relationships and your general well-being. I find that too many nights working and waking late and abusing my body-clock will eventually have a detrimental effect on my work.

I think knowing when to STOP working is also very important, though I’m not so good at this :slight_smile:

My preference is night but my family life doesn’t really allow it! :slight_smile:

I just do it when I can!

There is no best time for me…
Both works fine.

I am a night-person myself. When I went months without a job in the winter I worked on my projects until morning and then slept through the day so that I could pick up where I left off when I woke up. I hardly ever even saw the sun for weeks on end.

change your name to “Nocturnal Jake” lol friendly joke :smiley: