Early Spaceship model - The Scepter

This is a villian ship I am working on for a Sci-Fi fiction work I am starting.

I have no textures, lighting, or environment yet.

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. I am still working on the basic shape and flow of the ship before I think of too many details.


Looking nice so far. You using edge split at all?

No. I am not sure exactly the use of that modifier. Never used it before.

I have been doing the geometry all manually. Lota math in places. :evilgrin:

When I get the basic shape done, I will go back and form all the edges and shapes totally perfect.

Oh yeah. Here is a pic of the ship in fully transformed form. Redundancy. LOL This is what it looks like when it passes through time.

The two large horizontal pieces that are not attached are supposed to be hinged by some form of arms that will hold them. I got tired and needed sleep. I have a cold and took some powerful cough syrup.


In edit mode there is a modifiers tab. I suggest you try out some of them. I think you’ll find the mirror and edge split modifiers very useful. If you use mirror make sure you have Do clipping enabled when your putting the middle seam for your mesh’s together