Early stage project advice


I am new to 3d and blender. I am trying to do a Pink Floyd fan art thing where I have a dark, almost uniformly black scene with a glass pyramid and rays of light coming into and out of the pyramid. I have done some glass tests that I was satisfied with. (see thumbnail) My initial idea is to use the light saber tutorials from these forums to form the rays of light. Better ideas for the rays of light would also be very much appreciated.

How do I go about getting a black scene with enough light to reflect off the glass? If I place a black plane under the glass pyramid I cannot see the pyramid itself. Do I need an environment map or a light skydome or some other environment?




make the encironment black, and just light it normally. As long as there are no planes or anything in the picture apart from your triangle thing and the rays of light it will be fine.

Ok. I tried that but I will try again. With no other objects to reflect the glass pyramid was totally invisible against the default sky. Maybe I didn’t have enough lights.

Here is a test using no objects in the background. There are two things that look bad.

  • The glass is too dark
  • The separation of the rays.To fix number one I still think the glass needs something to reflect. Is is possible to have a black background but have it reflect some invisible white background? I am not sure what this is called - I think an environment map in some programs?

To fix number two I am going to have to modify the light rays to be trapezoidal or something.