Early Star Wars build

I’m not sure how many of you have played Star Wars the Phantom Menace. It was a PC and a playstation game that generally recieved poor reviews, but this happens to be the first PC game I ever played, and therefore holds a special place in my heart.

Over the summer, I had started playing through it again, and I began to realize how simple this game is. Old graphics, no physics, and simple AI. Nothing that couldn’t be done in Blender.

This is an early build of my game, mainly getting movement down first.
Currently, I’ve got a “spaghetti” mess of logic bricks, and I’m working on that. I’ll eventually get them python coded, I just need to find the time to do it.
If anyone has a better idea for the movement actuators, please let me know. The current ones are a bit … iffy.
I noticed the character also falls though the ground to his ankles, and the crouch animations don’t play correctly. I haven’t had that problem before, so I’ll have to look into it.

Here is the link

I added a couple of screen shots

After failing to get a story up yesterday I realized this is probably better off without a story right now. Instead, I’ll see if I can cook up a “game template” of sorts, and try to include some basic fuctions to release to the public and expand on later. I’ll try to include ranged and melee combat, “The Force”, a couple of NPCs, a menu, an inventory and maybe a conversation tree of sorts.


can we have sceenies?

looking good so far the colitions are a little bit off haha but thats not that hard to fix :wink:

that was an awesome game! I hope you manage to get this game done

Sorry for the not replying sooner, I’ve been away from the internet for a couple days.

Sorry for the lack of screenshots … I was uploading this at the library, and didn’t feel like playing a game in front of everybody. I’ll try to get some up tomorrow, my internet is being slow.

Which collisions? the player characters or the engine’s?

me too.

hey, nice job! I could help you with the graphics if you want… just PM me!

A little note about progress. Two things are hapening right now: I’m working on getting a basic game build set up, including things like player and npc movement, some basic animations, shadows, etc. I am also trying to come up with a worthwhile plot and purpose to the game. So far, all I have set is that this takes place a few hours after Luke blows up Jabba the slug (the reason being I want to include Jabba’s scorched body as a softbody in one of the maps) I’m working on getting some of my concept art up somewhere, but life gets in the way.

nice texturemaps, and human model! Though why is there a visible box around him? Did you leave collision box slightly visible for testing?

my other question… What’s the storyline?

To clarify, I did NOT make the human model. The credits are in the .blend. But I did make everything else, textures inlcluded. By the way, that’s actually Keifer Sutherland’s face on the plater character. And as far as the story goes … I originally intended to remake the tattooine/desert levels from Star Wars the Phantom Menace, but I thought about it and decided the orginal trilogy was always better. So far, all I have of the story is in an earlier post. I’ll try to knock a brief story out by friday. Hold me to it

Hey, I’ve got a small file with some AI i’ve patched together.
This AI is comprised of four states.
1-an unfinished “idle” state
2-a state controlling movement speed (backwards, run and walk)
3-a pathnode following stae
4-an uber-basic obstacle avoidance/run for your life state.

Start that game engine with “P”
IMPORTANT-press “1” to set the bot in motion.
Press space to spawn a “danger” object (a sphere) and watch the little guy run

At any time you can toggle between the pathnode state and the obstacle avoidance state by pressing “1”
I realize this blend in rather buggy, but its a step in the right direction.


Cheap AI.blend (197 KB)

I must say, ever since I played the Desert City level(can’t think of the name) on that game, i’ve always wanted to try and expand on the idea, and improve the some-what interesting gameplay.

Love that game! One of my earliest games as well. I had the demo on PC and spent hours playing it over and over again with my brother, until we convinced mum to finally buy the full game. And it certainly was a full game, took at a guess 2 years to finish. And even then the replay value was huge.
Did u ever explore all the levels and find all the secret passages and hidden places? Out of all the games ever made this one would have to have the most ‘easter eggs’, there was an untold amount, and I’m sure to this day that I never found them all.

Thats exactly right, it was a very simple game, both graphics wise and with gameplay, which would be the reason why it was such a good game. Nothing overly complicated. And that would explain why it was made such a long game as well, the game artists would have had plenty of time to build the huge levels and characters.

Its good to see someone honouring the game here, goodluck! :yes:

that level took for ever… but it was a really fun one :smiley:

I agree.the desert was the best. both those levels probably contain as much, if not more, atmopshere than many games on the market today.

Lol that was Tatooine. Such a massively complex level. I hated that monster in the metal box, scares the bejesus out of you :no:

Exactly, there was so much interactivity with the inhabitants and environment, and such a sense of danger, one wrong move and you were stuffed. Why dont we get games like this anymore?? :no:


You are talking about this game? I remember playing that back in the day. What memories, are true puzzle game…not many of those made nowdays. If you need some help with models count me in:rolleyes:

yes, that was the key to the depth of the level, you were constantly on your toes.

I was planning to do all that I can by myself as a way of learning Blender, but if you wish to make models, I won’t stop you. Realize that this is a ‘spare-time’ project for me, and that it may never see completion.

Currently I’d like to get some logic work done first. I’ve created a base game engine, but that’s only for basic movement and the like. Does anyone here have any ideas on how to do a conversation tree?

Or for improving my little AI bot? I think the detector cubes could be enlarged a bit I also need to make it able to go from state 1 “IDLE” to states 2,4 “Obstacle avoidance”

Ow I was going to make a lightsaber! :eyebrowlift2:
I have the booklet (still) which came with the game, it has a great section with pictures of all the weapons, and one with all the characters and enemys, if youd like I could post them here.

Heres a thread with a basic setup- http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=165234From that youll just need to use your wits and probubly some python to improve it to allow proper conversations like in TPM. Its something Im going to have to work out soon for the game I’m working on at the moment, perhaps I’ll get started on it today and see what I can get worked out.

Improving the AI will be somewhat more difficult I imagine. From the looks of the game though, it looks like enemys simply follow set patterns in movement, perhaps there are certain areas which they track to, then once they reach it they move onto the next area. Im not sure though, but it looks like at the same time they are aware of others around them as well. Could be tricky…

Perhaps this could help - http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=151363
Its pretty much what Ive explained above, and is apparently easy to use… So that may be a good place to start. I dont know how good your python skills are, so its hard to say whether you should use scripts or logic bricks.

And check out this I found yesterday - http://au.gamespot.com/features/starwars/index.html
An 11 page making of the phantom menace, it tells you a lot of cool things, like the Big Ape productions team (the ones who made TPM) consisted of 12 people! I always wondered how many people it took to make it :cool:

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