Early Start


Getting an early start on you know what! :wink:


Nice design, BgDM. I look forward to where you take this.

Couldn’t even wait till newyear’s eh?

I assume you are going to takeout the blockyness in the “wings” but overall cool original design cant wait to see where this goes.

PS- your going down this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the “blockyness” of those wings they compliment the beautiful curves

I’ll take two.

Looking forward to this :slight_smile: No doubt it is a futuristic batmobile for your bat vamp creature thing, for when he is too old to fly by himself.

you bastard…well it seems you know you have to prepare yourself (and that’s a warning for all of you out there), because after my failure infront of Vincent supreme racer, I’m cooking something you guys are not waiting for. I’m cooking something that shall kick all of your asses.

muahahahahaha be afraid, be very afraid! :Z