early Vertigo demo

Hey everyone, check out this demo from Blackhole Productions current WIP… http://www.tudbzd.com/VertigoPRdemo.exe
Keep in mind that its a VERY early pre-release demo, and it could be glitchy and plus the final game will be hunderds of times larger and the graphics/animations will be better. I just wanted to post this here to get some crits or comments maybe…just remember when you critisize the demo, that this is barely even the nutshell of this game…anyways, hope ya have fun with it. By the way, for more information on vertigo go to the homepage at, tudbzd.com. (go to the “extraz” section of the demo for the controls as well)


What’s this: http://www.zone.ee/xintest/killing.jpg?2
He hits his head with his sword when he runs
the walk is too slow
the water get’s screwed up with this fog

xintoc: What’s this: http://www.zone.ee/xintest/killing.jpg?2

Lol I think he’s cuting his own troath. :smiley:

you could easily create a start up menu over the hexagons by adding a plane over each “button” and then link a “mouse over” to the scene set.

What’s this: http://www.zone.ee/xintest/killing.jpg?2

the water get’s screwed up with this fog

hahaha! yeah, animation needs to be tweaked a bit, i know…hrm…i fell i should have really expanded this demo now though, it doesnt really show anything in particular…i threw it all together in a day, maybe ill release a more complex one, i dunno…but like i mensioned several times, this is no where even close to what the final game will be like…we havnt even started doing any sort of programing, so thats why youll see glitches like that…as for the water, ill eventually have it animated and realistic…uhk, maybe i shouldnt have made such an early demo %| …

this is not even a demo… it’s a beta game
demo would be if u have the game ready and you demonstrate it with
the demo file
Demo should show all the features that are avalible in the ‘Final game’
but it includes less levels, missions, characters etc…
so that is a very early demo lol

One thing you better do is lay a little shaddow on hem.
Nice character`s(spesialy the beer or that creatore :smiley: )

Heh, this is an early early early alpha demo :slight_smile: You say you threw it together in a day!!! Yeah that’s not going to show anything. Except, it’s nice to know that you are working on what sounds like a cool game, hehe.

The cube option screen thing was pretty neat though.

Nice game, but needs some more work. Like camera angle, speeds of character, landschape, textures and the material of the landschape. Because I can’t walk up to hills. But nice game for so far. :stuck_out_tongue: