Early/wierd plane .blend included

I still need to map it and such, and I need to fix the engine the left one is off a little bit. link
thats the file.

Any crits, and anyone know where I can get someone to host a .blend file?

To me it looks like a diving Chicken Hawk also it looks a bit smooth and simple it maybe difficult add details allinall good model :smiley:

I find procedual textures are the easyest to Map and are the most flexilbe to use

hope this helps

I have found a place to host .blend files and other things


Thanks man and I was wondering since I suck at mapping would anyone like to map this model? Ohh and a small update the engines have been fixed a little.

I will be glade to map your model just hos the file with a description what you want in the file :smiley: :smiley:

I have looked at file and ,unfortunately, you will have to redo it for there is too many verticies which will make it extremly hard to add detail next time use subsurf modifier

I will have a go at remodeling the plane so please post what you want :slight_smile:

all I really want on it was some windows, and a little better tailwing, and I actually got the idea from a chiken hawk, if you map it you should put some feathers on the wings. One more question though how do you do topospheres, to make the stuff into sqaures instead of triangles?

P.S Sorry about the model its just in a noob to blender. Ohh and just windows in front, and a door in front of the wing.

:smiley: no prob i will do that :smiley:
also to convert Quads To Trianlges
1-select the faces/verts
2-select mesh-faces-convert Quads To Triangles or Ctrl-T

the same can be use the other way the only difference is that It is Ctrl-J

Okay i Will Get to Work :smiley:

no I want sqaures no triangles.

I think you should practice more, That looks like a very horrible model. The left and right side are diffrent. The top fin is not even centerd.

Practice more and then post something that really needs help. Dont make something like that, post the blend and expect someone to help you with doing things that should be easy for even a beginner user.

Also dont give the “but i’m new” excuse. If you are new. Practice more.

Oh yeah…Practice more.

The center fin is centered its the camera thats off, and I need help mapping he was the one that sugjested modelling, Read what I write. Ohh ya read more.

I worked with the model for a half an hour or so
and this is the result


the red parts are placeholders for future textures

anything you don’t like just tell me :smiley:

now i have to get back to my work, seeya :wink: :wink:

Wow dude!! Thats awsome… The tail looks a little funny but its alright.

That looks good~~

May I know how do you plan to make the red part another texture?..

What I mean is, can I apply 2 or more textures on 1 object?.. for example in this case right now?

or do u need to create another plane object for the fron window to apply another window texture?

sorry for the noob question…

Dont say sorry this is a noob thread. But I think hes gonna select the part he wants to texture and only do that part, but thats just my guess.

either by useing another material and assign it to the redparts like i already have or extrcting the parts to be individual objects

to add a material


1-click on the new button
2-select the verticies you want to have the new material
3-click assign

by the way i am not a Noob i have been doing this for 3 years :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the tips for assigning 2 or more materials to a object!..

I managed to get it after some fiddling with the settings…

Thanks for the help man.

Hey dog are you going to post a .blend?