Early/wierd plane .blend included

umm it seems to me mfoxdogg is doing most of the work on your project :-?

??? he reshaped the winds and crap I never asked him to. All I wanted him to do was map the model but he went off and did his own thing.

I took out the old engine and put in two low profile ones thats are attached to the wing.

ok, I guess I was just miss lead when I saw him changing up parts to your model then posting them here.

??? he reshaped the winds and crap I never asked him to. All I wanted him to do was map the model but he went off and did his own thing.

:< :< :< :< You Iconciderate **** i was making it easier to modify the shape just suits me you could have changed it when i gave it back

you want it Here it is It has an INcomlete UVmap, and the place holders also the shape of the model can be changed easly also the model uses the new mirror modifier

so ping off and do it yourself and don’t you dare ask for anyone’s help again

:< :< :< :<

I said nice work he was acting like I asked you, calm down. All I wanted was for you to map it, but then you wanted to do some modeling and I said ok then people are getting on me saying your doing my project.

P.S Thank you for the help, and the model.

Did you rebuild the model?! :o

thats the new .blend file I rebuilt it like you.

Alright sorry for going off my block :expressionless:

Did you rebuild the model?! :o

yes i Did

I will tell you the modeling technique i used, it is what I call “delete and extrude” as you new model is still crap
1-delete “facess only”
2-extrude and scale to the base shape
3-extrude those verticies
4-cap off the end

also use the new mirror modifier to sustaine symatry

also the secret to the catml-clark subsurface is subdivide then move close to another vert to get a sharp edge

I will continue to do the model/mapping if you want me to

I did not get any of what you just said and I dont know the mirror thing.

Well, the extruding seems pretty straight forward to me… but I’ll try to clear up the part about sharpening edges and using the mirror modifier.

This first image shows you how far apart each edge-loop is to control the sharpness of the subsurfed model.


This second image shows you what these surfaces look like.


Also, you can now use a mirror modifier to create a linked copy of your model (model one half and the other side is automatically created) so that you can easier create symmetrical models. You used to have to ALT-D, then mirror, now you just use a modifier! After you have your model where you want it, make sure the mirror modifier is at the top of the modifier stack and click on apply. The two halves will be join, no need for removing doubles, all is done (assuming you have the 2 halves close enough to each other…)
An important note: The mirror modifier has to be at the top of the modifier stack for you to apply the modifier to unify the mesh.

Here is the Modifier menu, note that this is in Edit Mode:


Subsurf is now considered a modifier as well.

I hope that this explaination helps!

Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant find those modifiers.

link plane V3. I think I got the wing right its the tial thats givving me trouble, and im not so sure about the cock pit but im fine with it.

Are you using 2.40 if not get it :smiley:

anyway I have Finished UV mapping the plane

Here it is.

http://h4x.snipanet.com/blender/mirror/Mapped Plane.zip

It contains the .blend file and a .tga file which is used as a ‘back ground’ which you trace in your favourite paint program then map the resulting texture to UV

Good bye and Good Luck

it gets an error…

Unfortunatly Elysiun dosn’t accept spaces in URLs so copy the the whole line includuing plane.zip and paste it into your address bar :smiley:

Still doesnt work…