Earn some money for simple job proposal

To all of you blender experts out there this is a simple job that can earn you some pocket money.

Attached is a screenshot of a simple blender figure.

I am not an expert and the project I am working on requires that we have this model up and running and in ship shape as soon as possible.

Therefore my employer proposes to anyone interested in making a small amount of cash to complete / resolve the issues outstanding with this model - that is the job is to complete the task as we want which may have some very minor subsequent tweaks in the future that will also entail a monetary benefit.

So if you are interested please contact me asap.

best regards,



is this a spam thread?

I can do this. See My Blender Videos on
mail me the problem and blend file with details

There are two threads with the same content?!
You can post the blend file. It’s not big problem. Just needs weight painting - not influences.