earning money with CG

Hi! I was a freelacer for some time now, learnt programming, 2D design, media creation and many more. Now I really am in love with 3D design. Where woulb be the best places/ways to earn money? Thanks!

Depends on what you have to offer. You can feelance on sites and offer services such as 2D stills made from 3D models. You can create assets and models and publish them on a number of sites.

IMO there is no best way about it. Just focus on creating unique models etc with good textures and then showcase them. Publish some for free and publish your best ones for a little money, BUT only if they are unique enough. No one wants to buy a rock, There are too many of them.

What would be the best practice/starting budget making for a begineer? (I’m keen on 3d for about one year now)

Where woulb be the best places/ways to earn money?

I wish someone had told me about advertising agencies years ago. Become aware of all the advertising agencies in your area and setup visits to their shops by cold calling them. You should have some kind of portfolio before you go calling.