Earth 2128 update to closed thread

(araagon) #1

This is my little update to game Earth 2128.
Simple AI system for enemy. What do you think about it?

(JustinBarrett) #2

looks fun, I like the radar…it does not look fully functional…but seems like a really good foundation.

The only real complaint I have is the targeting ‘brackets’ feel a little large, and should maybe just change to green when you have a lock on your target…but it looks good.

(Fred/K.S) #3

Woooowwwww i luv Space and plannets and spaceships nice work bro i think its an awesome project keep it up bro i’d be super excited to play yr game when its done completely.


(Tattorack) #4

Nice! Looks like it will become a fun 3D arcade space shooter.

(araagon) #5

This some early work on radar and simple pointer to follow enemy after it gets out of view.

(JustinBarrett) #6

I liked the other radar better, as it was a 3D radar…just my opinion…I, guiltily, did not watch the video…too short on time…doctors appointment.

(araagon) #7

A small update:

  • Smart AI for ships, they avoid obstacles and player.
  • huge ship with small canons that can aim and shoot.

(haidme) #8

Looks great!

(araagon) #9


I’ve tried to recreate star field in game, this is what i did:

The problem is with many objects on scene. The standard LOD kills frame rate…

(Nicholas_A) #10

How are you able to have so many asteroids?

(araagon) #11

The far asteroids are just bilboards. They are parented to player acording to x and y coordinates.

(Nudiventra) #12

Well done! For a diversity I can give asteroids from this game) And also the image of the cosmos.

(araagon) #13

Thanks! But I’ve got 6 more difrent asteroids.I’ve put just 2 for tests.
Now I’m stuck on the fog (mist). My dream is to have something like this:

Look on the fog, is this possible in BGE??? I think this is a volumetric fog.

(araagon) #14

I’ve looked a lot on the games like Elite Dangerous. In my opinion to have a nice depth filing there need to be fog/mist. Without it everything is flat.
So I’ve reworked my game a little bit:

What do you think about it?

(Uniday Studio) #15

I prefer the dark background. You can reproduce this kind of FOG using big alpha “smoke” textures with the UPBGE’s Depth Transparency funtion. ( ).

Anyway, great progress! :smiley:

(araagon) #16

Here is a first small previev to play with. Runtime file:

There is not much to do, just shooting enemies all the time (small ships and sometimes bigger)
I’ve changed mist to black and added some more asteroids.
I don’t know if it is even playable on older machines.
Give me some feedback about framerateand if there are some glitches etc.

(mziskandar) #17

Whoaa… Looking good.

(araagon) #18

Added new ships explosions, new background and mist.

(araagon) #19

Some small test with light scattering script. I’ve change it a little bit and I think it looks realy good…

(Fred/K.S) #20

Thats a Pretty Clever Technique !!! i like that ey ;D