Earth 2128 update to closed thread

This is my little update to game Earth 2128.
Simple AI system for enemy. What do you think about it?

looks fun, I like the radar…it does not look fully functional…but seems like a really good foundation.

The only real complaint I have is the targeting ‘brackets’ feel a little large, and should maybe just change to green when you have a lock on your target…but it looks good.

Woooowwwww i luv Space and plannets and spaceships nice work bro i think its an awesome project keep it up bro i’d be super excited to play yr game when its done completely.


Nice! Looks like it will become a fun 3D arcade space shooter.

This some early work on radar and simple pointer to follow enemy after it gets out of view.

I liked the other radar better, as it was a 3D radar…just my opinion…I, guiltily, did not watch the video…too short on time…doctors appointment.

A small update:

  • Smart AI for ships, they avoid obstacles and player.
  • huge ship with small canons that can aim and shoot.

Looks great!


I’ve tried to recreate star field in game, this is what i did:

The problem is with many objects on scene. The standard LOD kills frame rate…

How are you able to have so many asteroids?

The far asteroids are just bilboards. They are parented to player acording to x and y coordinates.

Well done! For a diversity I can give asteroids from this game) And also the image of the cosmos.

Thanks! But I’ve got 6 more difrent asteroids.I’ve put just 2 for tests.
Now I’m stuck on the fog (mist). My dream is to have something like this:

Look on the fog, is this possible in BGE??? I think this is a volumetric fog.

I’ve looked a lot on the games like Elite Dangerous. In my opinion to have a nice depth filing there need to be fog/mist. Without it everything is flat.
So I’ve reworked my game a little bit:

What do you think about it?

I prefer the dark background. You can reproduce this kind of FOG using big alpha “smoke” textures with the UPBGE’s Depth Transparency funtion. ( ).

Anyway, great progress! :smiley:

Here is a first small previev to play with. Runtime file:

There is not much to do, just shooting enemies all the time (small ships and sometimes bigger)
I’ve changed mist to black and added some more asteroids.
I don’t know if it is even playable on older machines.
Give me some feedback about framerateand if there are some glitches etc.

Whoaa… Looking good.

Added new ships explosions, new background and mist.

Some small test with light scattering script. I’ve change it a little bit and I think it looks realy good…

Thats a Pretty Clever Technique !!! i like that ey ;D