Earth and Moon scene

Yeah, I know this is kinda cliché by now, but it’s a good practice and makes nice wallpapers.

Done: Created the Earth and textured it with proper textures. UV unwrapped enough for this to look pretty good. Also created a material to simulate night lights (as emit map), created bump and normal maps from a topographic map, added a moon and orbit, and given it a dummy material to look moony, composited it with vector blur just because.

Still to do: Make the atmosphere look better, Texture the moon properly, fix the city lights so that they only show in the dark, redo the animation to make the earth spin, and read off “Space… The final frontier” into my mic. Getting the stars away from Earth would also be nice.


<link to mf>

Y’know, that doesn’t look half bad, it’s a lot better than my first trial at creating the earth. Although I could list out a detailed critique of ways to make it more photorealistic I think it would be more worth your time to view a couple links:

This is probably the best tutorial I’ve seen on making a realistic earth in Blender:

Although your earth texture seems pretty good, for some more awesome earth images check out:

I’ve changed the diffuse already. Also thanks for the tutorial, I’ll try that out tomorrow.

I started a new file just for the improved Earth, and replaced everything with the NASA textures resized by the guy from Blenderguru. They’re all packed in the .blend. Turns out pretty good. Tomorrow I’ll start adding stuff like the Moon, something to pose as sun, and I’ll try to hunt down an ISS model for a complete scene. Then I’ll move on to animating this thing.
Current workflow:
Start Blender, and load up the scene. Then go put the kettle on. Feed the cats. Make the tea. Bring tea to desk. Then the scene finishes loading.
I kinda sorta need to get more RAM.
(click to enlarge; res: full hd)